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Post by Dan @ 05:50pm 22/07/11 | 29 Comments
Our astute forum community is already well aware of this situation, but for our general news readers interested in the hotly anticipated MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, EA and Lucasarts have now confirmed that the game will not be available outside of Europe and North America on its initial launch and it's looking very likely that Australia will be among regions left hanging out there.

Of course there's still no actual release date for anyone yet, but all the signs are pointing towards some manner of staggered release by region.

Pre-orders have now opened for Europe and North American customers but supply is being limited, even for digitally distributed copies of the game. The reasoning for all of this appears to be due to insufficient server infrastructure to host the anticipated player population at launch, a notion vaguely confirmed in this forum post by Community Manager Stephen Reid:
To all of our fans outside of North America and Europe:

Today we've announced the pre-order details for the initial launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and as you may now know, we’ve taken the difficult but necessary decision to limit our initial launch supply for the game. BioWare and LucasArts are completely focused on building an exceptional game and an exceptional game service to go with it. We decided to constrain our launch capacity to ensure we deliver a great experience to every player.

Part of the reason this decision was made was because of the overwhelming demand for The Old Republic, and we're humbled by that level of excitement and anticipation. We fully intend to deliver to you an amazing game when we expand our service post-launch, but right now we cannot commit to any timeframe for when that may happen. As soon as we have more information about additional launches in more territories, we’ll let you know.

We are committed to delivering Star Wars: The Old Republic to BioWare and Star Wars fans around the world, and to growing a truly global community.
It's rather unusual for Australian's (and New Zealanders!) to be left out of the circle on a major launch like this as we obviously don't have the language issues of other international locations and our relatively small population shouldn't have a significant impact on the North American servers we'd likely be playing on -- unless they're actually planning local Australian servers (dream on).

For the time being, Australian customers attempting a pre-order from EA's Origin service are met with a "not available in your region message".

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:00pm 22/7/11
fail. If they stagger it to far and D3 is available for us aussies first, then they will loose a heap of subscribers.
Posted 06:14pm 22/7/11
I don't see D3 and this being the same sort of game at all, I'll definitely be playing D3 alongside whatever MMO I'm currently engaged in.
Posted 06:31pm 22/7/11
Yer I didnt mean that they will be competitors, but I know they way I get wrapped up in Diablo / MMO's, I only have time for one of them at the max. Fair few other people I know that played D2 / WOW could only manage 1 at a time.
Posted 07:21pm 22/7/11
Purchases on aren't limited by country, I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition. Regardless of when it's physically delivered, pre-orders get to download the client before launch, so Aussies can still play with everyone else.
Posted 07:28pm 22/7/11
Be aware that some games have actively made it very difficult for out of country people to play.

eg. Lego Universe.

So even if you get the game there is nothing to say they won't require an American Credit Card.
Posted 07:36pm 22/7/11
eg. Lego Universe.

Minecraft? ;)
Posted 07:50pm 22/7/11
"Be aware that some games have actively made it very difficult for out of country people to play. "
True, though no mention of any location restrictions, besides sales obviously.

"So even if you get the game there is nothing to say they won't require an American Credit Card."
Pre-orders get early access via client download, and includes 30 days game time. Of course we've not heard of an Australian release date, which could be days/weeks/months late. In any case, we can't rage over non-existent release details.

O hai thanks for your interest in my sig Emma Watson. Your question isn't lost on me, perhaps a picture I found on 4chan isn't universally appropriate.
I'll fix that.
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:21pm 22/7/11
I apologize. The sig is fine it was just way too f*****g big.

Posted 08:23pm 22/7/11
oh complaint was relating to sig, fair enough too!
...forgot it was there(was testing with avatar pic)

- removed.
Posted 08:24pm 22/7/11
^ oh and I obviously confused sig & avatar hurr
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:28pm 22/7/11
We should so make out and make up. But that would sound gay and people round here would get the wrong idea.
Posted 08:29pm 22/7/11
"not that there's anything wrong with that"
Posted 08:15am 23/7/11
Do they understand staggering releases for a MMO is a real big killer to the population? And how the hell can you can limited digital sales..
Posted 10:11am 23/7/11
While it sucks we're being left out in the cold, I don't think leaving Australia out of the initial release is really going to hurt their population that much. But its really gonna suck for those of us importing cos it means at times when Aussies play the servers are going to be even emptier than usual :(

I guess they're limting sales cos they want a smooth launch and don't want their servers to fall over under excess load, but that seems to be a bit of an ass backwards way to go about it, I mean if you have a game thats popular enough that more people want to play it than you have the capacity to handle, I would have thought you'd just increase your capacity to handle it and add more servers, not tell the extra people they can't play and potentially lose customers.
Posted 10:19am 23/7/11
I guess they are leaving us out because they are EA and are more than slightly retarded.
Posted 11:23am 23/7/11
if you have a game thats popular enough that more people want to play it than you have the capacity to handle, I would have thought you'd just increase your capacity to handle it and add more servers, not tell the extra people they can't play and potentially lose customers.
Agreed. With the amount of money already being thrown at it, you'd think that a bti fo excess server infrastructure would be trivial in the scheme of things. Especially since server hardware is something that could be sold off without too great of a loss if they found they didn't need it.

The only thing I can think is that their server architecture is just currently so unoptimised and inefficient that it already requires a disproportionate amount of infrastructure to power and they've run out of budget to justify more until the subscriptions start rolling in. If that's the case, no doubt it's all Stinky's fault =D
Posted 11:46am 23/7/11
You can think what you like. There are already regionalised games, eg. Lego Universe which was regionalised so that different markets could be priced differently. The local distro is unable or unwilling to get it working here.

Keato had a fair amount of trouble getting it working for his kids and the game has been out about 2 years I think.
Posted 05:56pm 23/7/11
At least it isn't IP blocked, so we can order on Amazon for cheaper then EB, and get a beta code to. Might give it a swing, shall see. WoW had a crap load of servers on release, and they then increased that by ten fold. If they are expecting at least 1 million people, they should clearly have that sorted out prior to release.
Posted 06:27pm 23/7/11
this would be a great opportunity for someone to license a server in OZ. i reckon the first MMO that allows people to host their own servers could potentially make a lot of money, both for the developer and those licensing it.
Posted 07:04pm 23/7/11
I think my chances of playing this game dropped significantly with the notion that I might be way behind. There's other games to play, and this game was already looking questionable.
Posted 10:46pm 23/7/11
Pre-ordered from Amazon for $73.93. Expected delievery 5-8 days. Got my beta key as well.
Posted 11:30pm 23/7/11

Atleast this will give people time to get over the hype and not lose out like with virtually every other mmo since WoW.
Posted 12:22am 24/7/11**

I dont usually lol at these but this one got me.
Posted 12:30am 24/7/11**

I dont usually lol at these but this one got me.

Oh man, the unexpected second half of that, especially the last line. SO GOOD
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:30am 24/7/11
Oh my. That was f*****g great. A lot of those Hitler vids are hit and miss.
Posted 11:05am 24/7/11
Haha, damn trolls. Has a point though, everyone is bloody sick of WoW, and TOR has the best opportunity to print money, why the hell are they staggering launches.
Posted 02:57pm 24/7/11
The key you get from Amazon when you order isn't a beta key, its just an early start key. Lets you start playing 3 days before everyone else if you bought the normal version I think, and 5 days if you bought the collectors.
Posted 05:06pm 24/7/11
Ah ok, thought they mentioned a beta as well.
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