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Post by Dan @ 09:14am 22/07/11 | 14 Comments
In a move not many saw coming, At Comic Con 2011, Warner and NetherRealm studios have announced the fourth downloadable character for the acclaimed Mortal Kombat as Freddy Krueger, the scissor-handed, dream-invading villain from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

Of course Mortal Kombat is still refused classification here in Australia, but we know that plenty of you have imported the game from less-censored shores so look out for Freddy in August at a US$5 price point or as part of the season pass bundle.

It's somewhat surprising to see a Warner film character in the game as the DC Comic characters (Superman, Batman and co) featured in the previous game were largely criticised due to the absence of the franchises signature fatality moves. Obviously WB doesn't have the same qualms about letting poor old Freddy get eviscerated.

The bad news is that Freddy is reportedly the final DLC character for the game. If more Warner licenses could make the cut who would you like to see? Beetlejuice, Shrek, Bugs Bunny?

mortal kombatdlctrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:17am 22/7/11
Ha what in f*****y.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:34am 22/7/11
sad face at RC
lewd scoff
Posted 09:48am 22/7/11
freddy rocks. might actually get this title now.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:07am 22/7/11
I'm off to the UK just after GamesCom, might just pick it up there
Posted 10:14am 22/7/11
Holy s*** that's awesome. Really need to read through that other thread about how to gain access to MK DLC.
Posted 10:19am 22/7/11
yeah this is really making me want to bother with organising another account to get the dlc

The GuVna
Posted 10:27am 22/7/11
Steve, if you get an Xbox UK version, be sure to purchase UK Microsoft point cards over there, as you will have to activate online/DLC via a UK Live account.

Dunno if that's the same for a PS3 version. & the PS3 version also has Kratos & his awesome stage which has 3 stage fatalities :)
Posted 10:51am 22/7/11
Dunno about this, feels a little bit like jumping the shark to me =\

Plenty more good MK characters they could have added
Posted 02:52pm 22/7/11
I have 1 copy left on me for ps3, and 1 for 360. Hit me up.

Edit: These are UK PAL copies by the way. I created a UK account to get Kenshi and it works perfectly on my Aussie account.

last edited by Fixah at 14:52:57 22/Jul/11
Posted 06:13pm 22/7/11
khel am i just incredibly s*** at this game or is fighting shao khan at the end of the game with raiden really hard?

been trying for hours now between tonight and last weekend and i think i've got a single round of him maybe 3 times

it's f*****g ridiculous how his special moves can't be interupted
Posted 07:05pm 22/7/11
Paveway, the game's AI is cheap. To beat it you just gotta be just as much cheap and dirty as teq's mum.

Try jumping over him to cause him to do his jump uppercut thingy then just punish him when he lands. Spam, rinse, repeat.
Posted 07:06pm 22/7/11
Dunno about this, feels a little bit like jumping the shark to me =\
Plenty more good MK characters they could have added

Yeah, same.

This is like Batman popping up in a Garfield cartoon.
Sure, you can do that crossover, but does he really belong in there?
Posted 07:17pm 22/7/11
yeah i do that and tackle straight back into him, you can't always get over him and he f**** you up if you don't make it

i also teleport and tackle when he does the hammer throw

but f*** he's just a ridiculous c***
Posted 08:10pm 22/7/11
Yeah, Boss AI is cheap, I beat Shao Kahn by just staying at range from him to try and lure him into throwing stuff at me, then when he'd start to throw something I'd teleport behind him and torpedo him. Pretty much just get him to create as many openings as possible then punish with teleports/torpedos. But yes, he was a c***.
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