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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:19pm 19/07/11 | 5 Comments
Fandom is an interesting thing. Obviously, as a fan of something, you want that something to do well, and so wish the most for it. After all, as a fan, the more you see of that something, the happier you are. But, if said "something" is looking to be utterly misrepresented, then surely there's something to be done about it.

We're still not 100% sure why David O. Russell left the Uncharted movie adaptation he'd penned and poised Marky Mark to star in, but that's not the point. He had a direction and idea for the brand that was both inconsistent with the source material and not remotely up to expectations with the fans. "Creative differences" could just be executive speak for "the fans will hate it".

So now the movie has a new director, Neil Burger (Limitless), who apparently wants to treat the property correctly, and with the reverence it deserves. And, speaking exclusively with Crave Online, he revealed his basic plans for his own treatment.

"we’re beginning from scratch and going back to the videogame. Because there’s a lot of cool stuff, actually, from the videogame, if you know it," he said.

"It’s really one of the most cinematic videogames, and one that has really developed characters. So, you know, there’s a lot of cool, really intense things that, if they work for the film’s story, I want to use them."

When asked how the game and narrative stands out against the likes of Indiana Jones or National Treasure, Burger gave a relatively measured and honest response that's sure to sate worried fans.

"Well, I think Indiana Jones is, you know, fantastic. The grandfather of all those movies. But I think Indiana Jones is nostalgic. It takes place in the 1930s, and the later ones are a little bit later, and it kind of plays on that nostalgia," he said. "Whereas Uncharted is very much up to the minute, of the moment. It’s very “now” and contemporary and it has this sort of rough and very intense feel that a movie like The Bourne Identity has. It’s really up to date in its own way. The Bourne Identity isn’t your father’s Cold War movie and this is a very different kind of treasure hunt movie. It’s very real and it has kind of an insane, wild feeling that comes out of the character; Nate being this con man and a bit of a hustler, living by his wits,ballsy and capable of anything."

When asked if he knew about the internet campaign to get Nathan Fillion to star as Nate Drake, Burger gave a very sobering "I’ve seen a little bit of that, yes" but offered nothing more than a return to the "we’re literally starting from scratch on the screenplay, and I think that once we finish it, then we’ll go to actors and see who’s available and who’s right for the parts", meaning anything is possible.

Who else in your opinion could play Nate's part?

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Latest Comments
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 07:27pm 19/7/11
Good news all round as far as I'm concerned.
Posted 08:52pm 19/7/11
bradley cooper would make a good drake imo. plus berger has already worked with him in limitless.
Posted 10:02pm 19/7/11
No-one damnit. Nathan Fillion IS drake o_0
Posted 10:07pm 19/7/11
I reckon Hugh Jackman could do a pretty good Nathan Drake. I still want Bruce Campbell as Sully though, but that'd never happen :(

Good news to hear they're tossing out the crap that this movie was turning into and starting fresh though. Sounds like this director has actually played the game too and is keen to actually make an Uncharted movie, and not some entirely unrelated movie with the Uncharted name slapped on it.
Posted 11:44pm 19/7/11
I would say Nathan Fillion would be a good choice, though as an alternative, I also think Joe Flanigan from Stargate: Atlantis has the look.
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