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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:43pm 15/07/11 | 15 Comments
AlienWare Australia are apparently pimping their gaming wares on our shores with something of a tour, aptly named "Area 52", which last week enjoyed a presence in Melbourne. Coming up, the team plan on visiting Sydney with no other dates Australia-wide to be found, but we probed their Aussie PR agency to see if there's a QLD leg, or any other parts of AU on the agenda and were met with nothing being "confirmed" yet, but that we'd be first to know as soon as anything else were announced.
The Alienware Area-52 will give members of the public the chance to get hands-on time with the latest Alienware entertainment systems, win prizes through gaming competitions and experience the ultimate in home PC gaming.

The tour will begin at Sydney’s Circular Quay when it opens its doors on July 19 and operate there until July 21.

Other dates and locations for Sydney include:
  • Circular Quay East - July 19,20 &21
  • World Square - August 11,12 & 13
  • Westfield Bondi Junction - September 5 - 11
  • Martin Place - October 10 & 11
  • Customs House - October 12, 13 & 14
We have a video outlining what you're likely to see at the tour stops, though we're skeptical it'll be as valmorphanising as the video alludes.

Watch it embedded below:

alienwareaustraliaarea 52 toursydney

Latest Comments
Posted 03:47pm 15/7/11
sweet, I wanted to buy a dell pc but they were too cheap
this has solved my problem!
Posted 03:57pm 15/7/11






Posted 04:00pm 15/7/11
That ad is about the right level of stupid for people who buy alienware
Posted 04:07pm 15/7/11
all this fuss over a new laptop, must be something revolutionary!
Posted 04:22pm 15/7/11
meh alienware computers are overpriced pieces of s***, my asus laptop is s***loads better than their s***** laptops!!
Posted 05:14pm 15/7/11

These ones by clevo probably poo all over anything by Alienware for half the price.
Posted 12:36pm 16/7/11
The amount of money spent on an Alienware can be put into a damn good desktop.
Posted 03:13pm 16/7/11
No wonder they are so expensive.
They have to pay for Ads like that.
Posted 12:22am 17/7/11
Wtf was all that s***. Baffles me why people pay so much for just a flashy computer case, who really looks at their case anyway. When it comes to the laptop i guess it's for people who like to say hey look at me i spent alot on a peice of s***.
Posted 12:20pm 17/7/11
haha wtf did i just watch. I can't believe that all that bulls*** sells laptops.
Posted 04:21pm 17/7/11
Ok after watching that ad, my brain hurts. My IQ has dropped substantially...
Posted 05:29pm 17/7/11
I mean, props to them for a cool looking ad and again props for their work in funding PC gaming, but I'd never buy one.

Posted 10:46am 19/7/11
Ok after watching that ad, my brain hurts. My IQ has dropped substantially...

It's a bit like the old Intel ads about how an Intel processor makes the internet go faster... this is back around the time of the Intel bunnies.
Posted 10:56am 19/7/11
I just don't understand what the hell was happening. There was spinning lights, people doing terrible commando rolls and gunfire acts, and this caravan thing.
Posted 01:30pm 19/7/11
Nothing wrong with alienware, it's worth a look at least. reason being I'll make note of specs and build one myself and get a similar spec machine at a fraction of the price.
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