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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:19am 13/07/11 | 4 Comments
The gaming world might be up in arms over the debacle that was Team Bondi's production of L.A. Noire, but that hasn't stopped the studio from focusing on their critically acclaimed title, with Rockstar today reminding us another DLC chapter is available for download.
In "Reefer Madness", Detective Cole Phelps and his Vice desk partner Roy Earle find themselves in the throes of one of the city's biggest narcotics rings after a deadly shootout with a local drug dealer. This new downloadable case for L.A. Noire is now available for download via PlayStation Network (AU$6.95/NZ$7.90) and Xbox LIVE (320 MS Points). Anyone that purchased the L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass can also download this case, at no additional cost.
The Xbox Live version is available now for download, while the PSN will need to update first, so PS3 owners will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:31am 13/7/11
I haven't purchased any of this DLC and won't be anytime soon.
As good a game as LA Noire was, I regret putting money in that a******* pocket.
Posted 11:43am 13/7/11
I like that they're releasing new DLC - I haven't got through the game yet (stopped playing it when Zelda 3DS came out, so I'm about 50% the way through), but I think 6.95 for a single case (based on the size of the previous ones) is too steep. Make it 2.95 and you'll have me.
Posted 11:49am 13/7/11
what the, $6.95 for a single storyline?
are they tripping balls or do people actually pay for this s***
Posted 05:28pm 13/7/11
people pay 30 euros for a tank on world of tanks they will pay 6.95 for some short story
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