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Further to Bethesda and Arkane Studios' unveiling of Dishonored, exclusively through GameInformer, comes more info on the mysterious title along with a single screenshot, which we think looks as though they might be running off their own engine, or more likely, a modified version of Source (they used Source for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, so this makes sense).

According to this report, players will take on the guise of a character named Corvo, who is the Empress' "legendary bodyguard". However, Corvo is framed for her murder by a corrupt Regent and is forced to go into hiding to reveal the truth and expose the evil cats for just who they are.

So obviously the game has something of a modern vs old aesthetic (as witnessed in the single screenshot where swords and guns appear to be the norm), and GameInformer's article goes on to reveal that it's essentially an open-world assassination title where you have as many options as you like for targeting or escaping, with the only adverse affect being on the story, and not on the world (to avoid scolding players for certain decisions).

One example used suggests you can use Corvo's supernatural powers to send a sea of rats after an enemy, then actually posses one of the rats to make quick your escape, unnoticed. While another says you can slow down time and launch objects off a table in one direction, distracting guards, so you can then head off in the other direction. A "Chaos" meter tracks the collateral damage you're causing and which gauges how the game-world is reacting to your own actions, and thus changing the way the story is shaped and what decisions you can make.

Apparently we'll know more over the month of July as GameInformer slowly dishes out all the goods, which will include more media and videos, so stay tuned. But for now, colour us intrigued.

bethesdaarkane studiosdishonoredscreenshot
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Posted 10:42am 12/7/11
Sounds interesting, curious about the gameplay.
Posted 10:45am 12/7/11
screenshot looks very similar to brink (3D art style at least). i learnt my lesson there. I'll wait at least a month after release before i'd consider buying it. does sound interesting though.
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