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Post by Dan @ 01:58pm 11/07/11 | 16 Comments
Codemasters have released the first gameplay trailer and a new batch of screenshots for F1 2011, offering the first look at their latest annual iteration of their successful racing franchise.
The new video for F1 2011 gives an insight into some of the innovations and enhancements in the official game of the 2011 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. The trailer shows exciting wheel to wheel racing, enhanced by KERS and DRS, as well as highlighting improved garage, paddock, pit lane and Parc Fermé cinematics that further immerse the player into the life of a FORMULA ONE driver.
Watch the video below (or here for HD) and swing by our ,a href="">F1 2011 game page for the screenshot gallery.

F1 2011 ships on September 23 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with portable versions for 3DS and PlayStation Vita due to follow.

f1 2011trailerscreenshotscodemasters
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:20pm 11/7/11
All good, but if I buy it this time will I actually be able to create a GFWL account, or will I still have constant problems? Ever since buying the 2010 game it caused nothing but problems, was buggy as hell, and I've been completely unable to use the multiplayer functionality.
CM should be giving a credit to anyone who bought the 2010 version.
Posted 04:49pm 11/7/11
Strange Raven. Your the first I have heard of issues like that. All the guys I know who have this, including myself, love it :)
Something aint right at your end. Maybe create a new free GFWL account and check it !?

Looking forward very much to getting F1 2011.
Posted 05:22pm 11/7/11
I can't create a GFWL account, that's how broken it is.
Posted 05:26pm 11/7/11
Is it just me or are the graphics s***e compared to other racing games?
Posted 05:46pm 11/7/11
I think it's just you dude, every screen I've seen looks pretty damn good.
Picked 2010 up in yesterdays sales, looking forward to some quick laps :D
Posted 05:49pm 11/7/11
Is it just me or are the graphics s***e compared to other racing games?

its just you.
Posted 08:20pm 11/7/11
Is it just me or are the graphics s***e compared to other racing games?

It's just you.
Posted 08:37pm 11/7/11
Not just you RockitMan, the only thing I kept thinking while watching that was how sub par the graphics are. Must be held back by the consoles.....
Posted 08:40pm 11/7/11
surely he's trolling.
how do they look sub par? you are on f*****g drugs.
Posted 08:48pm 11/7/11
I can't create a GFWL account, that's how broken it is.
Create a local profile.
Posted 08:50pm 11/7/11
Lol, how dare I have an opinion, I must be trolling and on drugs.

Look at the opening scene, the textures are poor, the polygon count is low, grass just looks like a flat low resolution texture.. have you seen a game running on a modern graphics engine? This looks like the same engine that TOCA Race Driver ran on.
Posted 07:26am 12/7/11
It's probably from the Xbox version. Besides who cares about grass textures when you're travelling at 300 km/h?
Posted 07:51am 12/7/11
lol what the f***. the graphics are s*** because the grass doesn't look good.... right.... thanks for pointing that out.

have you seen a game running on a modern graphics engine?

erm, have you? a quick google show's they are using the EGO engine, which was used for 2010 and Dirt2 and 3.
Now I dunno about you, but all three of those games looked pretty decent in the visuals department.

I eagerly await your unreleased lawn mower racing game scottjames, I'm sure the grass will look awesome.
Posted 07:55am 12/7/11
for a dx11 game on pc it does look pretty average. It should look alot better.
Posted 09:30am 12/7/11
I don't care if the cars are square and grass non-existent if the physics are perfect.
Posted 07:57pm 12/7/11
Enska the grass was just one example. The whole thing looks dated. You CANNOT with a straight face tell me that those graphics look great and modern compared to something like BF3 or Crysis or Metro 2033.

Perhaps the problem here is the source of the video, probably 360 or PS3 footage? That would probably explain much. I can't see anywhere if it mentions what platform the video is from?
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