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For those in Victoria interested in getting into the exciting, fun-filled, and not-at-all-exploitative game development scene in Australia, you might want to check out Ballarat GIG, "Australia’s largest regional computer games career expo", a free, public event showcasing some of the local development scene:
Friday is targeted at students and focuses on talks about entering the industries and the opportunities it offers; while Saturday offers unstructured time with the developers, a hands-on approach to games with new Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC titles available for the public to play, and a variety of competitions offering big prizes to test visitors sense of fun and skills. The Ballarat GiG Guitar Hero Idol guarantees laughs with success based on how hard you rock and not how well you score, whereas the more serious events offer more serious competition and prize money running into the thousands.
Representatives from companies like Firemint, Big Ant and Blue Tongue will be there as well. The press release has some more information about the event.

The event kicks off on Friday July 22nd and runs over two days in Ballarat.

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Posted 09:45am 05/7/11
might have to make the trip up to check this out
Posted 10:09am 05/7/11
If it wasn't HOURS AND HOURS away I'd probably go check it out.
Posted 05:32pm 05/7/11
as much as i love playing and talking about games, i dont think it would be rewarding working on games and besides its hard work and takes a lot of dedication!!
Posted 05:36pm 05/7/11
Having just finished my degree this'd be a good thing to go to, shame it's in friggen vic.
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