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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:18am 04/07/11 | 12 Comments
We've been going on about the game since we saw it at E3 (even prior), and now you can see what all the fuss is about as Rocksteady have released a full 12-minute gameplay demo of some of what they were showing off at E3 for Batman: Arkham City.

Hopefully you've avoided most of the crummy YouTube videos that showed off similar content in not so good quality, and as always we have it for you in standard definition, 720p HD and available for download, so all of your bases are covered. I only hope they release the other stuff they showed in the behind-closed-doors soon, too.

Watch the video embedded below, or click here for the HD option.

Be sure to check out our video interview with Batman: Arkham City Game Director, Sefton Hill, and also our recently posted hands-on preview for more!

gameplay trailerbatman arkham cityrocksteady
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:24am 04/7/11
looks f*****g sexeh!
Posted 10:32am 04/7/11
Gargh, so tempting, but I'm trying to avoid spoilers of any nature. I know how much of a fan you are from the interview vid, so just know that I'm super duper excited. :D
Posted 10:39am 04/7/11
God damn that is awesome. And Nerf, they mask the spoilers with garble.
Posted 11:09am 04/7/11
looks awesome =)

really enjoyed the first one

Am liking how this looks more open scale
Posted 11:20am 04/7/11
love that you can graple to anywhere now compared to the set points in the first one
Posted 11:23am 04/7/11
With the combat system is it spamming a button over and over and he does all that or are there different buttons being pressed to do things like grab a guy, smack a guy, grab a chair thrown at you and whatnot?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:01pm 04/7/11
Tollaz0r - apart from the basic punch button (which you use more than anything else in these, but only a bit), everything else is an individual input - read the preview we linked to and it outlines this in more detail
Posted 12:28pm 04/7/11
Yeah, everything else is mapped to different keys. Batman Arkham Aslyum is one of the only console ports with re-mapping keys that actually works really well.
Posted 12:41pm 04/7/11
Looks s*** hot.

The first one was already so well done any improvements can only yield a pretty spectacular result.
Posted 02:49pm 05/7/11
Looks awesome. And jack ryder! Wonder if that means the creeper will show up. Probably not, but still a cool little bit of fan service. Loved that about the first game too, so many little cameos and references to bits and pieces crammed into it.
Posted 04:17pm 05/7/11
aww nice, pre-nerdered this about a month ago from... wait for it.... EB ... :<

price rape on aisle L7.
Posted 04:25pm 05/7/11
I finally got around to watching this and holy s*** it looks amazingly good. Must buy.
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