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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:05am 04/07/11 | 18 Comments
In an interview with Wired, The Legend of Zelda series producer, Eiji Aonuma, admitted that while the demo shown at E3 for Wii U that showcased a HD Link fighting an equally HD spider might have stirred excitement in fans, it's definitely not indicative of what he and his team might deliver for Link's debut on Nintendo's new console.

"You probably remember that when we introduced the GameCube, we showed a somewhat realistic Zelda demo,” he told Wired. “And what we actually created was the cel-shaded Wind Waker. So when we show a graphic demo, people think, "Oh, this is what the next Zelda will look like", but that’s not necessarily the case."

I specifically do remember that GameCube Zelda video, as I was there at Nintendo Spaceworld 2000 in Japan - the room went into a frenzy when it was shown, but apparently that's still not enough to push a fully realised adult HD Zelda title out of the door (much to the chagrin of most Zelda fans).

"I’m on one of the committees that oversaw the general steering and direction," Aonuma told Wired, regarding his Wii U involvement. "We talked to each other a lot about several elements, one of which was, "How exactly will the HD graphics work?" In doing concepts for that... we used Zelda assets quite often to examine, okay, how real will we make this look?”

When asked if any Zelda title would ship with the functionality shown at E3 that saw Link's arsenal, inventory and map all readily available on the controller, he responded simply with "I’d like to do things that are more surprising than that".

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Posted 10:20am 04/7/11
lulz. Wii U, the next gen console without the graphics. why? because we like to surprise!
Posted 10:27am 04/7/11
not surprised. doubt they've even done much work on it seeing as skyward sword isn't even out yet.
Posted 10:39am 04/7/11
Yeah, I kind of just assumed it was nothing more than a tech demo. I mean, if it wasn't playable, and wasn't showing gameplay, then it just seemed obvious to me to take it as nothing more than a graphics showcase, just like the 2000 tech demo with Link fighting Ganondorf.

Heh, I watched that video again about a month back, and my god, it looks pathetic now. I remember being so amazed by it. :P

lulz. Wii U, the next gen console without the graphics. why? because we like to surprise!

Yeah, you're right, the graphics looked absolutely horrible! Yuck! And only rendered at 1080p!
Posted 11:00am 04/7/11
they can't make it look too good, spook won't like that
Posted 11:03am 04/7/11
i was the biggest nintendo fan boy back in the day, until they ruined it with gamecube and then went even further down into the s*** hole with the wii.

now this "next gen" wii u they are bringing out looks pathetic, its like they just dont give a f*** anymore.

Make a console with sweet graphics and hardware that is up to date. I can garantee that 90% of ppl would rather good graphics/ story compared to some gimickee stupid ipad controller thing.

All i want is a HD zelda, metroid, super mario, smash bros etc with awesome graphics and a controller that is normal
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:10am 04/7/11
Sc00bs - you really didn't like GameCube? So many amazing games spawned on that system, and I thought it was rad - just not properly supported by Nintendo and third-parties
Posted 11:16am 04/7/11
GameCube kicked arse. I loved my GameCube.

I also love how everyone's ripping on the Wii U's graphics without actually having seen anything.
Posted 11:41am 04/7/11

Make a console with sweet graphics and hardware that is up to date. I can garantee that 90% of ppl would rather good graphics/ story compared to some gimickee stupid ipad controller thing.

but i've already got an xbox and PC. i'd prefer something that's different and just fun. it doesn't make sense to release something that's already out there. i've loved the wii. felt like a kid again when wii sports for the first time.
Posted 11:47am 04/7/11
nah the controller on the gamecube was so gumby, same with the wii. my hand starts to cramp within an hr or 2 becuase its so retartedly shaped for little asian hands.

Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:02pm 04/7/11
haha really? I loved my GameCube controller - playing Metroid Prime and Prime 2: Echoes, Eternal Darkness, Wind Waker, Sunshine and Resident Evil 4 are still some of my most beloved gaming sessions/memories
Posted 01:35pm 04/7/11
Yeah, sorry Sc00bs, totally disagree. The GameCube controller was awesome. S**** all over the PlayStation controller. It was as comfortable as the 360 control but with a proper D-pad.
Posted 01:41pm 04/7/11
Gamecube remains one of the comfiest controllers i've ever used out of any console, and i've tried every major one since the atari 2600. Shoulder buttons all molded for your fingers and everything. PS1/2/3 earns nothing in the comfy department because it's like they designed it for people with crippled hands, and havn't changed the design since the original controller. That's why so many people were upset that boomerang controller never was released.
Posted 02:09pm 04/7/11
It was as comfortable as the 360 control

and that is where we differ. i cant stand the 360 controller.

Posted 02:22pm 04/7/11
i must be crippled then because i find the ps controller totally comfortable
Posted 03:14pm 04/7/11
I think the 360 controller is the nicest, but the battery pack is stupid. The wired ones feel much nicer having that finger room behind. Not that it means much.

On topic mind you, I'm a little surprised because they went on explaining Link's skills and his equipment. What was "tech demo" about that?
Posted 03:36pm 04/7/11
People with small girl/asian hands like the PS control i've noticed.
Posted 03:36pm 04/7/11
The fact that it wasn't playable, and was on show specifically to demonstrate the technology of the Wii U makes it a tech demo.
Posted 11:57pm 04/7/11
The wavebird I had for my gamecube, was hands-down one of the best controllers ever
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