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Post by Dan @ 11:30am 30/06/11 | 9 Comments
Following the recent Crysis 2 DirectX 11 enhancements, Crytek and EA have served up another great offering for PC gamers today, with the release of a comprehensive Mod SDK for their CryEngine 3 powered shooter.

The 1.3GB SDK package can now be found here on AusGamers and offers the creative community the ability to create their own user maps and mods on the lush CryEngine 3 (currently only functional on 64 bit Windows operating systems).

Additionally -- in case you were wondering how anyone was going to test and play any of this community-created content when the dedicated servers to play them on have been restricted to select server commercial server providers -- they've also new "community dedicated server files" page, allowing any end user to run their own (presumably unranked) Crysis 2 servers. Grab those files here from AusGamers (24.7MB).
The package also includes various tools, such as FMOD Designer, Poly Bump, plugins for Maya and 3ds Max and more! We’ve also included some sample assets to help you discover the possibilities with the Crysis 2 Editor package.
Crysis 2 is undoubtedly a great looking game (AusGamers 8.1/10) and with many popular shooters having all but abandoned mod-support and dedicated server solutions in recent years it's great to see at least one studio still offering the full package. Let's hope we see many more good things come from this once the modders get to work.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:54am 30/6/11
great to see Crytek ended up releasing mod tools.
Posted 12:09pm 30/6/11
Given that there were no crysis2 MP servers online the other day (in Aus), it's no wonder they have released files for players to host their own servers. :-/

None the less, this is a good thing as the game has certainly not lived up to it's potential (yet).

Posted 12:10pm 30/6/11
That's awesome to hear.
Posted 12:46pm 30/6/11
If they did this on launch date, surely while the hype was stronger they would have got a stronger mod community, which in turn would have had more people buy the game right?

I mean I only purchased quake3 after i saw 3wave and then Rocket Arena. Such awesome mods like those warranted my 50 dollars.
Posted 01:16pm 30/6/11
Good server setup not being ranked... that means they can have the best of both worlds. Paid ranked servers and dedicated servers for modders. Hi 5, and good to see someone finally taking the mod scene seriously...
Posted 02:11pm 30/6/11
Posted 06:24pm 30/6/11
I really like the game as single player but have only played it for a few hours, seems very polished off and has excellent graphics that I havent seen metro 2033. Multiplayers seems fun as well lots of european servers here.
Posted 07:21pm 30/6/11
Yay, now we can play at LANs!
Gary Chan
Posted 09:48pm 30/6/11
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