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Post by Khel @ 10:53am 29/06/11 | 9 Comments
Patch 4.2 went live last night on WoW servers, bringing with it a new tier of raid content for pve (the Firelands), a new pvp season and tier of pvp gear, a new legendary caster staff with an appropriately epic quest line attached to it. a huge new daily quest hub similar to the argent tournament in Wrath of the Lich King and a bunch of other changes, tweaks, fixes and additions.

Full official patch notes can be found here and MMO Champion has a recap up showing all the items, bosses and other bits and pieces that are arriving in the patch, click here for all the info on that.

You can install the 4.2 patch using Blizzard's downloader, or if you're daring, you can download the manual patch files here from AusGamers (sorry, no nice and easy patch installer has been made available yet).

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm "Rage of the Firelands - Patch 4.2" Trailer

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:32pm 29/6/11
heroic mode is always where it's at
Posted 12:46pm 29/6/11
Jim cleared normal modes solo in his sleep
Posted 03:44pm 29/6/11
Tempted to give it a shot. Is healing in groups still pretty lame?
Posted 04:07pm 29/6/11
Just did the Thrall quest line, was pretty epic
Posted 04:08pm 29/6/11
normal modes were always easy, they made it that way so the terrible players can "clear" the content while the better ones clear the heroic content. Suits everyone, still not enough to make me reinstall the crackwow though
Posted 04:41pm 29/6/11
main tank down.. HEALS ON JIM
Posted 06:53pm 29/6/11
how do you mean shad?
from memory you weren't liking the cost of spells versus mana regen rate which I do recall took a bit of getting used to, but no it's not lame at all, it's pretty good and improves with gear. you still need to manage mana though, although not as much in cruisy 25man as 10man
Posted 09:11am 30/6/11
I think shad quit just after the changes came through didn't he?

Definetly noticing what you mean about the difference with some gear jim, I bought a couple of 359 pieces last night for my resto shaman and it was like a different character from that alone - still only like 82k mana pool too :p

I miss having all my chars geared - they were all in icc25 gear at one stage just before RS was released and pimpin >< Don't think I'll have the time for all of them these days unfortunately
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