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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:07am 28/06/11 | 12 Comments
Love it or hate it, Sid Meier's Civilization V is still going strong and the team are still listening to user feedback and updating the game accordingly; sometimes even rolling out updates as big as today's.

We have a full list of patch notes for you right here, but it's an across-the-board update, affecting the likes of User Interface, AI, Gameplay and Diplomacy (an area that really did need a fair bit of balancing or whole components overhauled).

Are you still playing the game? And if so, can you see any of these listed notes impacting the game positively for you?

civilization vsid meier's civilizationpatchupdate

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Posted 11:36am 28/6/11
I don't see items that say:

- Fixed a bug where no autosaves will occur.
- Fixed the bug that dumps you out to Windows with no error message
The two in combination meaning FUUUUUUU.
Posted 11:51am 28/6/11
never encountered either of those bugs and i've been playing fairly constantly since release.

i still find civ5 fun even with its flaws. these changes are a good start towards making other victory types viable/fun but i think there's still plenty of tweaking to be done.

not hugely worried about that though - as i said i'm still having fun and if civ4 is anything to go by there'll be a couple of expansion packs to flesh out the gameplay and plenty of time for patches/tweaking.
Posted 12:01pm 28/6/11
Stopped playing it around release. Several people have recommended recently that I should give it a go again with all the patching that's been done...
Posted 12:05pm 28/6/11
just a quick question for fans of this game. does it need major GPU power to run? my gf used to like aoe2 and lamented the other day how she hasn't played a strategy game in a while and I suggested the cilisation series. Could she run this game on her new laptop, it's a lenovo dual core, or does it need serious graphics power?
Posted 02:02pm 28/6/11
I dont even like strategy but had a blast with civ5. Ive never played any of the others so i didnt know what to expect. Multiplayer with mates was great fun too. I didnt have any issues with bugs either.
Posted 02:03pm 28/6/11
I had fun with Civ5 but once my mighty Egyptian empire had ruled the planet and I started a new game I got bored pretty quickly.
Posted 02:17pm 28/6/11
I had fun with Civ5 but once my mighty Egyptian empire had ruled the planet and I started a new game I got bored pretty quickly.

Try a different approach. I won with sheer military might and also with United Nations vote but i just cant win the space race or a culture victory.
Big Boss
Posted 09:30pm 28/6/11
infi civ5 doesnt need alot of gpu power to run especially not in dx9 mode but from my friends with not so great computers dx9 seems to be way buggier than dx11. but if i had to choose 1 strategy game to play, starcraft 2, hands down.
Posted 10:25pm 28/6/11
I think that Civ5 was a bit of a let down comparatively to the previous entries. They tried a new approach which at least made it fresh, but fell too short on the immersive "alternate history" story factor for me.

It's not all that similar to AOE2. Age of Empires Online is actually free to play in beta now (if you can get Games for Windows Live to work, which I can't).
Posted 07:58am 29/6/11
big boss, sc2 is nothing like aoe2! thanks for the tip though
Posted 03:19pm 29/6/11
Just a note, that list of patchnotes you have is only about 1/10 of them. full list:

Massive amount of changes actually - I think I might start up a game.
Posted 03:34pm 29/6/11
i was pretty happy with the patch when i thought it was just the abridged version in the OP, but that complete list is even better.

will definately be firing up a game soon to test it out.
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