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Post by Dan @ 04:24pm 27/06/11 | 15 Comments
THQ have released a new video from Saints Row The Third, serving up an eight minute developer-narrated stroll through the city of Stillwater and a look at the even more over-the-top open-world antics on offer in the sequel. Highlights include calling down an air-strike on unsuspecting gang members, VTOL aircraft with microwave lasers and a vacuum "manapult" vehicle that launches pedestrians.

Check out the embedded video below or click here for the HD option.

Saints Row The Third is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 15th 2011.

saints row the thirdtrailerthqvolition
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:35pm 27/6/11
Must admit it looks pretty hilarious.
Posted 04:48pm 27/6/11
apocofist looks f***** sweet
all the custom cars look awesome - especially the clown one with the human cannon balls

saints has always been a pretty fun series. This looks like its going to be awesome
Posted 05:11pm 27/6/11
lol wtf did I just watch.
Posted 05:44pm 27/6/11
Posted 06:08pm 27/6/11
More like Saints WOAH WTF was that wack s***!
Posted 06:17pm 27/6/11
Have to admit as soon as I heard SR3 was in production my wallet opened up and got ready to be empty for this game.
Posted 06:25pm 27/6/11
Posted 06:27pm 27/6/11
Saints row always had fun 'crazy' aspects in it, pimp stick and the monster truck etc...

This has just taken it to the next level :) most people that play saints row just go around killing people and getting in gang wars with the fun guns, cars etc

Posted 06:47pm 27/6/11
haha, that looked cool as s***!
Posted 07:06pm 27/6/11
GOTY. I got into this series when GTA 4 sucked so bad, the amount of work they put into such a wacky fun game is pretty impressive.
Posted 07:37pm 27/6/11
Yeah this is going to be as good if not better then SR2. Dammit was good fun when I used to get high and play SR2 as my angry lesbo character...ahhh the memories (actually it normally ended up me getting super lost in the city and just terrorising people with the poop cannon).
Posted 08:09pm 27/6/11
Maybe the PC version won't be completely broken after the port this time..
Posted 10:02pm 27/6/11
AI looks stupid point a gun at a bunch of gangsters and they totally ignore you. in saying that, looks kinda fun.
Posted 11:44pm 27/6/11
Maybe the PC version won't be completely broken after the port this time..

Saints Row 2 was a s***house port. That gameplay vid looked awesome fun though.
Posted 12:13am 28/6/11
actually they are this time release the pc version along with the console versions at the same time so it might be different this time
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