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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:13am 24/06/11 | 3 Comments
We have another BioShock: Infinite video fore you today, this time featuring Ken talking about BioShock: Infinite's "tears" system.

Essentially these are gameplay or narrative tools that aren'y specifically "real" in the world of Columbia until you ask Elizabeth to pull them in for you. From a gameplay perspective you'll have a choice of one of a few to ensure you have choices and are playing the game the way you want to play. From a narrative perspective, they're just infinitely cool. Especially when she open the tear at the end of the video (which we saw in our E3 demo) - yes, that's a Star Wars film reference going on in the background.

Watch the new video embedded below, or click here to stream it in HD.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:26pm 25/6/11
I wasn't a huge fan of the incredibly over-rated Bioshock but this looks really awesome.
Posted 05:21pm 25/6/11
Over rated is a point of view. I tend to agree though, I didn't finish the first game.. for whatever reason it didn't hold my interest.
Posted 05:33pm 25/6/11
Bioshock had a lovely setting and beautiful art design, unfortunately the plot was a retelling of System Shock 2 with some Ayn Rand thrown in and the gameplay was also System Shock 2 but with 95% of the content from that game cut out of it, leaving it a rather shallow experience.
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