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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:37pm 22/06/11 | 13 Comments
We snuck our way past the ranks at the Bethesda booth, avoided the Snoop Dog entourage (seriously) and pulled Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard into a quiet room to grill him about all things The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Creepy as all of the above sounds, this is one of mine and Dan's favourite interviews we've put together, and with good reason. Todd is exactly the sort of developer you want to talk to - open, honest, insightful; and thankful for decent, probing questions.

As usual, we've served this baby up in both video form (so you can see my handsome face), and transcribed (if you can't stand said face).

Click here for the full interview feature.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:34pm 22/6/11
Todd Howard into a quite room

"Todd Howard into a quiet room"
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:39pm 22/6/11
Posted 07:49pm 22/6/11
No worries! Great interview! Am gonna get Skyrim on XBon AND PC I think!
Posted 08:09pm 22/6/11
Good interview Steve, the last question gave me a chuckle.
Posted 10:44pm 22/6/11
Also: "We snuck our way passed the ranks" should be "We snuck our way past the ranks"
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:01pm 22/6/11
man, I've had the most retarded spelling day in history - I blame the hip hop and my flu ;)
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:08pm 22/6/11
Good interview dude.

There's only two things I'm really hoping for with this. Good control system and to be able to map any key on the keyboard. If it has those then I'll be very happy indeedy.
Posted 11:15pm 22/6/11
Man I can't even spell XBox! sigh!
Posted 11:27pm 22/6/11
Great interview! Thanks
Posted 10:48am 23/6/11
Steve, that question about the sleeping in beds, relates to 'ownership' within the game from what I can tell in the editor, on killing an NPC the items they 'own' aren't affected. It has bigger game implications though.

For eg. you could take care of an assassin for the king but get bad karma for taking an apple from the assassins table, both before and after killing the assassin.

death, ownership and karma. big interrelated thing to ask about in a followup Q and A maybe...
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:59am 23/6/11
Yeah good point deus, though in my opinion, gaining bad karma after killing anyone you shouldn't in the game is a moot, you've basically done the worst you can to them. But I just hated, especially in Fallout 3, that you could kill someone with no negative affect on yourself, unless you stole their s***. But to be physically incapable of sleeping in an owned bed, even after the owner is dead is silly - at least add a negative karma affect to it (though preferably not)
Posted 11:29am 23/6/11
interview of the year.
Posted 12:27pm 23/6/11
I would like to see a system of hierarchy when it comes to ownership. Say you kill a guy because you want his stuff. If he has a wife all his belongings should pass to her, and so stealing them would bad still. If he has no wife but has some kids then it should pass to them and so on until no one is left, in which case the house or whatever becomes neutral for awhile until the town leader gets someone to move into the house. I think that would be pretty interesting so squatting in a home can have you losing things you store there because it now has new owners and they would of claimed what you left there.
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