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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:45pm 22/06/11 | 28 Comments
Shackled to the wall of the AusGamers dungeon, Kosta seemed like the best possible reviewer for Obsidian's first foray into the Dungeon Siege franchise. After all, we found him looting dead bodies in a dungeon; clad in tight leather pants and shooting lightning from his palms, all while laughing maniacally (honestly, that's how we found him).

Turns out we were half right - he was the best person to review the game, it's just that Dungeon Siege 3 apparently has little to do with dungeons on the whole. Luckily Kosta is also well-versed in looting mansions, castles and enemy encampments, and is also a skilled forest frolicker.

Click here to read his full review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:51pm 22/6/11
pretty much what I thought.

once people get over the control and camera issues the rest of the game looks nice and is fun to play.

so many people have made a massive deal over what is such a relatively minor issue in the scheme of the overall package.
Posted 12:53pm 22/6/11
wow you gave it 8 ?

It was quite possibly the worst $40 I have ever spent.
The camera is awful, the controls are awful, the gameplay seemed stupid. I'd "fire" at a mob and it would just randomly fire at a different one.

It might be ok if you have 4 people on consoles in the same room.
Posted 12:59pm 22/6/11
Should point out that this review is of the xbox 360 version, not the PC and it sounds as though the game is much more at home on console.
Posted 01:05pm 22/6/11
Maybe I just don't see it but for future reviews can you mark somewhere up the top what version of the game you played? This game is utter pig s***e on PC and can't imagine giving that version an 8. I don't know about anyone else but I don't even own a controller that I can plug in because If I wanted to play it with a controller I'd of bought it on a console instead. I'm guessing the reviewer played it on console since there was talk about buttons and such.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:14pm 22/6/11

We've had this on every review for almost a year now...

Posted 01:33pm 22/6/11
Fair enough I really missed that one because of the add. I didn't even look at that half of the page.
Posted 01:40pm 22/6/11
is this just like another torchlight?
Posted 01:55pm 22/6/11
Yes, this was reviewed on the 360, where there are no real camera or control issues. After playing the demo on PC I can tell you that even on PC you're much better off playing with a gamepad. The keyboard and mouse controls on PC are more than a little cumbersome. Which is a shame, as the game is combat focussed, and a lot of fun.
Posted 02:12pm 22/6/11
I played it in the PC with my xbox controller and it still was s***. Really I mean, you have two camera options and both you can't see s*** (i'd of preferred if I could be more behind the character so I could see when enemies would come in front of me. The controls on the controller was terrible, why wouldn't you make triggers block/attack then map the rest of the buttons, they didn't even allow you to re config it to your own choosing. Finally after the first town I was so bored by the story and gameplay. No depth and no reason to even have conversation options, it didn't affect anything...just a choice to do the mission or not or learn more about it. Deleted the game after that.
Posted 02:18pm 22/6/11
Yeah I found the gameplay linear (but Dungeon Seige always was I guess) and the conversations annoying rather than progressing any storyline.

Anytime on the map you see an alcove or dead end there is going to be a chest/loot there.

I also didn't see any of the combat as being skilled. People called Diablo2 a click fest, sure you might click a bit but you had to be semi intelligent with your clicking. As far as I can tell one of those drinking birds might be able to play this game.

Like I said worst $40 I have ever spent (and I bought whispering Jack and Vanilla Ice on cassette ... so it's a big statment)
Posted 02:28pm 22/6/11
The dialogue choices and paths open up after the first few areas, making the game better the more you play it. And the control setup on the 360 controller works really well for the genre, and to be honest could make something like Diablo 3 quite viable on console.
Posted 02:54pm 22/6/11
maybe the "reviewed on" image should be moved to the end of the review and incorporated into the "what we liked" boxes since i think it would be overlooked by a lot of people where it is atm.
Posted 03:16pm 22/6/11
ravn0s: it's also pretty prominent on the reviews landing page:
Posted 03:27pm 22/6/11
Why is that "reviewed on 360" button on the right hand side? I dont even look over there and completly missed it as well... it should be in the header under the title but before the article


Posted 03:52pm 22/6/11
Why was it reviewed on 360?

The first two were on PC only so it seems logical to continue along those lines to me, it is banking on the success of the first two games in the franchise.
Posted 03:55pm 22/6/11
Why was it reviewed on 360?The first two were on PC only so it seems logical to continue along those lines to me, it is banking on the success of the first two games in the franchise.

I suspect the publisher sent Ausgamers a review copy for the 360.
Posted 04:09pm 22/6/11
Compared to other Dungeon Sieges, Its terribad. If you never played them you would probably half enjoy DS3 (?)
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:38pm 22/6/11
Trauma, we try and get PC copies where possible, but laregly pubs send most review sites and magazine console copies
Posted 05:05pm 22/6/11
Trauma, we try and get PC copies where possible, but laregly pubs send most review sites and magazine console copies

Ah that makes sense, thx.
Posted 05:37pm 22/6/11
Agree with gamer, the "reviewed on" logo should be under the title.
Posted 05:40pm 22/6/11
There's only about ~10 hours of gameplay in it. I guess you could play it again with the other characters but there doesn't seem like much point. Maybe the dialogue choices change a bit if you play other people?

Not a game I could recommend to friends for co-op, because we'd burn through it too fast.
Posted 12:37am 26/6/11
I actually had a blast with the game, about to finish it for the first time and have been playing it all week, seen some average reviews of it and have no idea why. Graphics seemed pretty good to me, all the usual shadows and bump mapping effects seem present, and the game fun to play watching your charachter(s) get more and more powerful was pretty rewarding. Could have been a bit longer 10 or so hours for a RPG is pretty low considering TES games can run into hundreds of hours even though I know they are different styles and DS3 is linear.

Played it on the PS3 and not one crash or error either, says alot about their playtesting and Quality Control.
Posted 10:18am 26/6/11
I've seen some average reviews of it and have no idea why.
Played it on the PS3

The reviews mostly state that on PC the controls are unusable.
Posted 05:22pm 26/6/11
Games alright, didn't have control issues because i read the thread before playing, so used the xbox controller right off the bat.

Just ran ninto one annoying part though, a midboxx that can't be attacked with a melee character because it has a damage aura... and what class did i choose? The warrior, well done.
End up having to cheese it, resurrecting the npc over and over and hoping it kills him, pretty stupid, probably no issue in co-op though, googled how to beat him because that strat seemed totally retarded and all the faqs had "easy boss just sit back and pepper him with long range" except for the few people using a warrior who did what i did.
Posted 05:26pm 26/6/11
im thinking about reinstalling this and have a test with a controller: due to extreme boredom.

Does it make the game playable atleast with a controller? it was really horrible with a mouse
Posted 05:35pm 26/6/11
Only problems i have with controller is due to my own gumbiness, as it uses triggers in combo with face bottons for some special attacks, so i sometimes stuff that up, other than that it plays pretty much like a typical console hack and slasher, but with a slightly overhead viewpoint, i think this might account for some of the worse scores it was getting as people were expecting it to be a diablo style clickfest.. which you would seeing as its the sequel to a couple of those games.
Posted 05:36pm 26/6/11
is the camera easier to control? it feels really gumby not being able to side step :/
Posted 05:52pm 26/6/11
left stick moves up down left and right, apparently it was rotation based for keyboard controls which was stupid right?
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