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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:29am 21/06/11 | 38 Comments
In an interview with GameSpot during E3, Nintendo's enigmatic Mario and Zelda creator, Shigeru Miyamto, addressed both pricing concerns over the Nintendo Wii U as well as just how powerful the system will be, suggesting that it might not "necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now" in terms of raw graphical power.

"We're very sensitive to pricing because people have generally only a certain amount of their spending that they'll devote to entertainment," he told GameSpot when asked about the unit's pricing plan. "And if you're talking about parents buying something for kids, there are certain price points where parents may be willing to or not willing to purchase a certain product.

"But at the same time," he continued. "You have these technological advances, and you have the needs of being able to take advantage of that technology, and those result in increasing costs and things like that."

In the past Nintendo has always been more precious and conscious of achievable prices for their home-consoles, often at the detriment to the system's performance, as seen in the decision to ship Wii with Standard Definition output during the HD revolution. Nintendo of Japan president, Sataru Iwata, recently told the Nekkei that Wii U would likely cost more than the Wii; over ¥20,000 (AU $235).

Meanwhile, Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, told Kotaku he felt the two lagging components of the 3DS' launch had finally been addressed in the handheld's lack of any big Nintendo franchises out of the gate, and its equally lacking online functionality.

"I think we've got that issue not only identified but addressed," he said in relation to Nintendo franchises, before adding to the online issue. "We've just done the first network update. We've got the eShop up and running. We've got the 3D movie service still on track for the summer. We've got Netflix still on track for the summer. So I think we're well underway to having that addressed as well."

Of course all of that's well and good for the US where Netflix is readily available, but here in Australia, we're still living in the movie digital delivery middle-ages. We've contacted Nintendo of Australia to find out what, if anything, we'll be getting as an Aussie equivalent, so stay tuned for more info.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:47am 21/6/11
At best, we'll get an over-priced digital movie rental service, but I don't even think that'll happen. The US will get Netflix, we'll get nothing.
Posted 10:47am 21/6/11
If it costs 'more than the Wii' at current exchange rates, hell, bring it on. That thing was pinned at 399 for years, and if the new one 'only' costs 250 (which we all know it won't), they will be out of stock like the Wii was for months.
Posted 02:02pm 21/6/11
They will be out of stock either way on pricing. Everyone wants one, everyone is gonna get one. People complaining that Nintendo just keep rehashing and being stupid and going to go bankrupt are just stupid. Nintendo prints money like crazy. I say bring on the Wii U dominance.
Posted 04:04pm 21/6/11
necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now
THis should be a huge red flag for all the fanboys out there that are already claiming that it will outperform the xbox/ps3.

Great. So the Wii was gamecube 1.5, and now the Wii U is just gamecube 2.
Posted 04:47pm 21/6/11
I dunno, I still think it's going to out-perform the PS3 and 360. Probably not dramatically, but that Zelda demo looked fantastic, and was being rendered at 1080p, which you pretty much never see on PS3 or 360. Obviously, time will tell, but I'm giving them benefit of the doubt in this respect.
Posted 05:07pm 21/6/11
Yeah, I think they're just managing expectations, like this isn't gonna be "next gen" hardware, its not gonna be what you'll see from the next xbox or playstation in 3 years time, its gonna be equal to current xbox and ps3 and prolly a bit ahead, just not a dramatic leap ahead. Compared to the Wii its a dramatic leap ahead, just not compared to xbox/ps3.
Posted 05:12pm 21/6/11
The US will get Netflix, we'll get nothing.

Holys*** I just looked into Netflix. It looks like a sweet deal for the price, why do we get overpriced S*** like bigpond movies and the yanks get that sort of awesome for 8 bucks a month?
Posted 10:10am 22/6/11
The only problem I see is why would you buy a WiiU as a "hardcore" gamer, when it's barely better then current gen.
Posted 10:14am 22/6/11
THis should be a huge red flag for all the fanboys out there that are already claiming that it will outperform the xbox/ps3.

Great. So the Wii was gamecube 1.5, and now the Wii U is just gamecube 2.

doesnt matter.

good games are not about how many shiny polygons you can move.

unless you are into flashy lucking substance games like GT5! (amirite pave!?)
Posted 10:14am 22/6/11
If it has good games, why not?
Posted 10:20am 22/6/11
If it has good games, why not?

I'm not saying I'M not going to get one, because I will, as I haven't owned a console since the PS2. But I was just thinking why anyone would get it if they say already had a PS3 or Xbox 360. You've already got most of the games that those third party developers have said they will release, and the only real new ones will be Nintendo's franchise.
Posted 10:45am 22/6/11
If it looks as good, or a bit better than what the 360 or PS3 can do, but then adds a bunch of cool functionality to games with its new controller, why WOULDN'T you get the Wii U version of the game?

Also, anyone else suprised at how Reggie's name is pronounced? I don't think I'd ever heard it spoken before, until I watched the Nintendo press conference, I'd always said it as "Fills aim" but its "Feez a may"
Posted 11:22am 22/6/11
I've heard it said aloud before, but yeah, I was surprised when I'd first heard it.
Posted 11:31am 22/6/11
doesnt matter.

good games are not about how many shiny polygons you can move.

unless you are into flashy lucking substance games like GT5! (amirite pave!?)
I'm playing the original zelda atm.

But hardware is important whether you like high res games or not. The wii didn't have that many good games. Just a heap of really average ones and that heap wasn't all that big.

I always just called him Reggie, also he has a science degree and has worked for Guinness in marketing. Really odd.
Posted 11:32am 22/6/11
good games are not about how many shiny polygons you can move.

unless you are into flashy lucking substance games like GT5! (amirite pave!?)

lacking substance except hours and hours of racing, lol

tell me some actually good games on the wii? proper gamer stuff not s*** like mario

unlike you davey, i have a wii and a ps3 and boy i struggled to find anything really good on the wii (apart from star wars, that was awesome). i can confirm that my wii, just like everyone else's i have ever spoken to about their wii (apart from pro-wii gamer dave) is tucked away in the cupboard.

so you get s*** games and no polygons - f*** yeah sign me up lols

just like to point out eorl, i won't be getting one

Posted 11:45am 22/6/11
There was a couple of good things on the Wii, House of the Dead: Overkill was awesome, and I enjoyed Metroid: Other M, along with the Mario Galaxy games. But yeah, I do struggle to find things to do with it, it mostly sits under my TV sad and under-utilised :(
Posted 11:55am 22/6/11
A lack of power on the Wii is a burden because it means it's a huge pain in the arse to port games to it. While I absolutely agree that graphics don't make good games, if developers have to re-create all of their assets just so their game will run on the Wii, they're just going to go "screw it, we'll just develop for PS3 and 360." This is why there aren't many high-profile games on the Wii outside of first-party titles.

Even if the Wii U is only just as good as the PS3 and 360 (in terms of technical capabilities), it means a f***load of extra work is taken off the shoulders of developers, making it much more attractive for cross-platform titles. If it's noticeably more graphically advanced than the PS3 and 360, then it'll likely have the best-looking versions of many multi-platform titles, possibly even being lead-development SKU a lot of the time.
Posted 11:58am 22/6/11
spookles bringing a wii controller to a gun fight lols
Posted 01:08pm 22/6/11
mario galaxy 1,2
res evil 4
nba jam
mario kart
monster hunter
super smash bros
golden eye
all of the lego games
donkey kong country
warioware smooth moves
wii sports (original)
no more heroes
tiger woods

off the top of my head ive played all of these to death.

ive got a heap more that i play casually, and i wont even mention all the games that spook jnr loves.

Posted 01:19pm 22/6/11
mario galaxy 1,2 - lol
res evil 4 - ps3
nba jam - on ps3
zelda - lol
mario kart - double lol
monster hunter - is this super advanced like duck hunter?
super smash bros - lol
metroid - khel said it's good
golden eye - yeah ok that's not bad
all of the lego games - on ps3
donkey kong country - lol
warioware smooth moves - lol
wii sports (original) - probably the best game ever made for the wii
no more heroes - never heard of it
tiger woods

so a bunch of old nintendo games, rehashed nintendo IP

and a few games that are on both ps3 and xbox and therefore are better, not cut down versions


last edited by paveway at 13:19:22 22/Jun/11
Posted 01:19pm 22/6/11
i dont get what you are saying?

nintendo make awesome games, probably the best games ive ever played on any system (pc included)

i guess you just arent very good at games matey.

stick with gt5, its right up your alley! (rofls)
Posted 01:30pm 22/6/11
haha sure thing davey

everyone else is wrong, you are right

the wii is the best console ever because it plays old nintendo games, how did everyone else miss this point lols
Posted 01:41pm 22/6/11
Paveway you're such a wanker. He mentioned 7 third party games which are probably decent games, you can't discount them simply because they're on another console.

P.S rev4 is not a wii game, it's a gamecube game.

just like to point out eorl, i won't be getting one
Sucks to be you because the new zelda is going to be awesome.
Posted 01:57pm 22/6/11
f*** yer.

im sure nintendo wont be sad that pave is missing out.

really only pave will be sad (deep down sad, the kind of sad he doesnt tell people about)
Posted 02:29pm 22/6/11
Bit of a weak retort to Spook's list, Pave. "Lol" isn't really a valid criticism.
Posted 02:34pm 22/6/11
hey whatev

you stick at it, mario cart will run even better on this next nintendo system!!


i say LOL to them because they are just the same s***, they are casual gamer games. not really for core gamers

they aren't going to bring anyone new into the nintendo consoles that grew up playing other consoles

last edited by paveway at 14:34:15 22/Jun/11
Posted 02:48pm 22/6/11
i dont know why you think these games are for "casual" gamers.

is it because they dont have millions of polygons, therefore are for "hardcore" gamers?

nintendo games such as mariokarts, super mario galaxy and metroid have been favourites of hardcore gamers for years.

perhaps thats why you've never played them, because you were off playing mortal kombat and gran turismo 5
Posted 02:49pm 22/6/11
I don't what you're calling 'casual' are what everyone else calls casual. Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario and Donkey Kong Country are certainly not what I'd call "casual" games. Smooth Moves? Sure, that's casual. Mario Kart? Not really, but maybe.

No, they're not going to bring over the 13 year old CoD kiddies who think anything without a gun is "gay," but they're not exactly the whole market. That also doesn't mean that the next Zelda game is going to be any less enjoyable, just because a selection of tea-bagging, trash-talking kids aren't going to beg their parents to buy it for them.

Having said that, I won't be surprised if a heap of them are going to be pining for a Wii U when it comes out.
Posted 02:57pm 22/6/11
And gt5 is for hardcore gamers? Gt5 is for gamers who think they are hardcore, but really have no taste or sense of what a good game is. It's a steaming pile of s***e that game. It is incredibly poorly designed - if you want specific reasons just read any review of it. The only thing 'hard' about it is navigating those terrible menus. Jesus who the f*** designed them?
Posted 03:03pm 22/6/11
yeah whatev

the list of people i've spoken to with wii's that are not gathering dust keeps growing

sure there may be a small bunch of decent games, i never said their wasn't (hello, star wars). but by and large the proper Wii games has been very s*** for a very long time - khel the guy who has probably played more games to date than i will ever play in my whole life even agrees

i still have a look at the wii games when i walk into a game shop to see if there is anything... and it's just bleh nothing that stands out

i don't really care that you can play mario kart and s***, that's not the point of the argument

you can play mario kart on a n64....

the wii wasn't made for that, that is just a nice little add on by nintendo to scrape a bit of extra cash selling old games again - just like sony and microsoft do.

i'm not the only one that thinks this, spook is the only person on this forum that defends the wii like it's the ducks nuts
Posted 03:11pm 22/6/11
I'm not arguing that there's a serious lack of compelling games on the Wii. Hell, pretty much all of the good games I can think of are first party titles. I was just pulling you up on your knocking down the actual good games for being "casual" when that's not what they really are. They're fully fledged, well made, proper games. They might not be your thing, sure, but that's not to say that they're not worthy of mention.
Posted 03:25pm 22/6/11
Nintendo has still sold more Wii consoles then Xbox 360 or PS3.
Posted 03:35pm 22/6/11
DS has more than XBox 360 and PS3 combined, and then some.
146m vs 58m and 50m respectively. 80m for the Wii.
Posted 06:08pm 22/6/11
i'd love to know the number of wii owners still playing their console now :]
Posted 06:08pm 22/6/11
The fact that you would lol mario galaxy and mario galaxy 2 and sing praise for gt5 means you really should shut the f*** up before you make yourself look even more stupid. MG1&2 are classics and show real genius in the developers who created them. Gt5 is a pile of balls.
Posted 08:14pm 22/6/11
ok sure thing

i'm sure mario kart will be awesome on the next console lols
Posted 08:30pm 22/6/11
i bet it will too.

every incarnation of it has been super awesome, you've missed out not playing it.
Posted 08:31pm 22/6/11
Agreed, nintendo consoles are worth buying for the in house developed games. All of them are magical !
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