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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:02pm 20/06/11 | 24 Comments
For those not in the know, Late Night with Jimmy Flon has had a week of videogames that ended last Friday with Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime showing off The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii, as well as a bit of Kid Icarus AR Card battling on 3DS before talking up the recently unveiled Nintendo Wii U.

It was cool to see Falon so pumped about The Legend of Zelda, which he claims is his favourites series of all time, but the most interesting tidbit to come out of the spot, was Fils-Aime revealing that Wii U would release in 2012 "after April", which means we might see it before the traditional Holiday release period.

Also, annoyingly, everyone in the audience got a copy of Ocarina of Time for 3DS, while we're still waiting for ours. Boo.

Watch the YouTube clip embedded below.

legend of zeldanintendo wii unintendo wii3dsjimmy falon

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Posted 12:07pm 20/6/11

looks alright though
Posted 12:11pm 20/6/11
Where be the youtube?
Posted 01:11pm 20/6/11
Bastards, I want to have been in that audience! :(
Posted 04:02pm 20/6/11
Dunno if this is old or not, but Robin Williams is a big Zelda fan, named his daughter Zelda, and now advertises Zelda with her.

Posted 04:16pm 20/6/11
I bet she hates him so much, but the pocket money she gets is so worth it.
Posted 04:32pm 20/6/11
Ok, shows over people, Robin Williams has won the rights of Earth.
Posted 05:57pm 20/6/11
My Zelda shipped last week, the waiting has begun.
Posted 06:04pm 20/6/11
Holy epic beard Robin Williams, that is boss.

Zelda is such a nice name for a girl, he got that one right.
Posted 06:29pm 20/6/11
Yeah, I got the shipping confirmation for my copy of Ocarina of Time last week too. Can't wait to get back into that game.

Also, there's a pretty good chance that my children will end up being named after game characters.
Posted 06:43pm 20/6/11
When you consider some of the horrific names parents give their kids, zelda is a very cool one. If you have a name like mercedes or chastity, if they are named after a month of the year or if you have a perfectly normal name spelt in a stupid f*****g way, then both me and your parents hate you.

I'm surprised there isn't a bunch of cloud and sephiroth's running around.
Posted 06:50pm 20/6/11
If you have a name like mercedes or chastity
Ewww Mercedes, that takes the cake.

Summer and sky are the grottiest female names I regularly hear people naming their daughters, blerh.

or if you have a perfectly normal name spelt in a stupid f*****g way
Didn't a QGLer just recently name their kid "Jaxson" or something?
Posted 06:53pm 20/6/11
I'd tap that, tho it brings a new meaning to meeting the folks..... :S
Posted 07:06pm 20/6/11
Yeah naming your kids after video game characters is cool!
Posted 07:58pm 20/6/11
If I had a kid, I'd name him Solid Snake
Posted 08:26pm 20/6/11
I'll name my first child Nintendo 64.
Posted 08:31pm 20/6/11
Apart from not wanting kids in the forseeable future, after playing Assassins Creed (the first) for so long, I started to think Altair was a cool name. I still do.

It's also the 12th brightest star, and also holds the meaning of "the flying eagle" (literally a shortening of the arabic phrase).
Posted 08:49pm 20/6/11
im gonna name my son solid snake
Posted 10:23pm 20/6/11
Altair or Etzio would be wicked. I've decided Zelda for a girl, Etzio or Altair for a boy.
Posted 11:03pm 20/6/11
Wanderlei Silva named his son Thor, such an epic name.

If anyone can pull off a name like that, it's the son of The Axe Murderer.

last edited by CHUB at 23:03:26 20/Jun/11
Posted 11:12pm 20/6/11
I remember reading about some UK guy who named his song version 1.0. And this a****** who went and named his child Sarah McCain Palin behind his wife's back, even though they had already picked out a name for her.
Posted 11:59pm 20/6/11
I had to google that.

US father names son 'Version 2.0'
A proud US father and self-confessed engineering "geek" has named his son after a computer software term.
Jon Blake Cusack, from Holland, Michigan, told local newspapers the US practice of adding "Junior" or "II" after a boy's name was too common.

So, when his son was born last week, he decided on the name Jon Blake Cusack 2.0, as if he were a software upgrade.

Mr Cusack admitted that it took months to persuade his wife, Jamie, to accept the idea.
Doesn't really seem that bad, there's no "version" in his name.

last edited by CHUB at 23:59:20 20/Jun/11
Posted 10:47am 21/6/11
Altair or Etzio would be wicked. I've decided Zelda for a girl, Etzio or Altair for a boy.

Make sure you leave the t out though, Ezio doesn't have a t in it.
Posted 04:37pm 21/6/11
Yeah thought that. Wrote it as Ezio at first, but felt wrong for some reason. Must be how the z acts like a t sound as well as a z sound in the name.
Posted 04:48pm 21/6/11
Like pizza.
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