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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:51am 20/06/11 | 8 Comments
While they've been enjoying something of a spree in hack form over the past few weeks, a recent attack from an unknown hacker group on SEGA of Japan has called Lulz Security to arms; offering to help SEGA track down those responsible.

"Sega - contact us," LulzSec Tweeted. "We want to help you destroy the hackers that attacked you. We love the Dreamcast, these people are going down."

It's an interesting twist given Lulz most recently hit Bethesda and have seemingly irked members of Anonymous and 4Chan, who've declared cyber war against the rogue group.

According to a report on Reuters, the attack on SEGA resulted in SEGA Pass online users' personal information being compromised, though the extent of the damage has yet to be divulged. No groups or individuals have come forward to claim responsibility for the hack.

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Posted 11:58am 20/6/11
What absolute morons.
Posted 12:20pm 20/6/11
What absolute morons.


their huge rant the other day was basically a message:
"Hey guys, there are worse people than us".

When i was a kid I'd try to use the excuse "But so-and-so did that too!" and my mother would just say "Being a step above the worst doesn't make you good".
Posted 12:38pm 20/6/11
who's to say this isn't lulzsec that hacked it and are tweeting this bulls*** for a cover up? We already know these people hack no morals.

There have been so many high profile hacks recently that I am really concerned about online information more than ever.
Posted 01:01pm 20/6/11
I'm not living in fear for my details, but at the same time, I think we're certainly seeing a massive rise in intrusions into companies who you would have assumed would've been better geared to handle this. It's certainly a wake-up call for anyone in large corporations who have an online presence.

It really is childish though, and more than anything, they're (Lulzsec) only going to drive more hacking teams out of the woodwork to 'one-up' on them, much like that really retarding planking phase, which I must say has gone very silent all of a sudden (thankfully).

Posted 01:02pm 20/6/11
Posted 02:08pm 20/6/11
oh well, at least all this security hole exposing will make the internets a more secure place sooner rather than later!
Posted 02:32pm 20/6/11
Will QGL get hacked is the real question...
Posted 02:43pm 20/6/11
"Sega - contact us,"

It's a tarp.
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