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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:35am 20/06/11 | 12 Comments
In another blow to the dedicated server debacle, Codemasters have pulled down the PC and PS servers for their still-popular racer, GRID.

According to a post on the official forums, the decision to pull the servers is not specifically from within Codemasters, though the fact they still have the game up and running in full multiplayer glory on Xbox Live does raise an eyebrow.
This follows the decision by a third party provider to decline the offer of an extended contract to continue online play on these platforms.
The game is some two-plus years old though, so it's had a good run, it's just interesting that said "third party provider" is still happy with 360.

codemastersdedicated serversmultiplayerpcps3grid
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:01pm 20/6/11
what a bunch of c****, seriously.

They should probably tell steam, cause it still lists multiplayer as a feature.
Posted 12:05pm 20/6/11
I thought games were hosted by the player?
Posted 12:08pm 20/6/11
This follows the decision by a third party provider to decline the offer of an extended contract to continue online play on these platforms.

That's a terrible cop-out; why cant they find someone else to do so?
Posted 12:29pm 20/6/11
Haha how hilarious, i just reinstalled grid today. I never really played online anyway. But also the people who were doing a lot of the grid modifications have quit and their websites are dead.

Places like are now just being held for sale etc.


Because of lack of enough interest in modding GRID and lack of financial support, GRID Joint closing it doors March 15 and Flatout Joint my not be to far behind it.

"Hey Everyone,

Hard to believe it's been a year already since Grid Joint was started.

Grid seemed to die hard, and with less then 1k members in a years time, it does not seem viable to keep Grid Joint open any longer.

So as of now, unless someone can change my mind, I will not be renewing the Grid Joint Domain. The site will go offline on 3-15-09. So one month for everyone to DL everything they can.

Sorry for the bad news.

Muratus "

All the msytery of the pssg files did not get unravel, but the how too on skinny did, so a lot of great skins got done for GRID. It to bad Codemasters did not follow through on putting together a custom skin pack.

Skins wanted for new 'Skin packs'

So you got a month to check out the skins that got done for GRID and download the ones you like.

For you skinners out there, if you got an alternate site where your skins can be downloaded, you might want to post a link here, " Post your link to your custom GRID skin(s) here. ", so when GRID Joint closes it doors, players may still download your skins.

Kind of funny, but the community is so dead that those links went to threads with no posts.
Posted 01:20pm 20/6/11
Yeah it's a great game but I've never had much luck finding many people in mp.
Posted 01:21pm 20/6/11
so it's obviously not as popular as steven mention in his post?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:29pm 20/6/11
It has a dedicated core group of players, but I think it might be the 360 guys more than anything
Posted 01:31pm 20/6/11
On pc it isn't, I dunno about xbl and psn.
Posted 04:52pm 20/6/11
Racers don't work to well on PC anyway. At least as a multiplayer community.
Posted 04:57pm 20/6/11
Racers don't work to well on PC anyway. At least as a multiplayer community.

Don't believe in iRacing or rFactor?
Posted 05:34pm 20/6/11
Damn what a shame, loved playing michigan demolition derby. Only 2 years.. whats next, down the servers a month later.
Posted 08:54pm 20/6/11
I have it on XBL and PC, Its a(was) nightmare to find a game running on PC, so I had to go to XBL to play against others, Which was kinda crap with cheaters every second game.
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