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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:06pm 16/06/11 | 23 Comments
Blizzard have been kind enough to share the official Rage of the Firelands trailer with us, which will take effect with the deployment of WoW Patch 4.2.
The time to strike at Ragnaros draws near. The battle to protect Mount Hyjal now rages in the depths of Ragnaros's smoldering realm. As territory is gained by Azeroth's defenders and they draw closer to the inner sanctums of the Firelands, a monumental task awaits. Ragnaros's lair--Sulfuron Keep--is closely guarded by his most loyal servants, including the traitorous Druids of the Flame and their mysterious leader...
The rest of the patch notes can be found by clicking here.

Watch the trailer embedded below, or click here for the HD option.

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Posted 05:14pm 16/6/11
Posted 05:30pm 16/6/11

yup... Ok so i'm not 100% if that is the model they are using but if so, yeah enjoy the art department sticking legs onto things that don't need them. I thought the whole "his body is made of molten lava" thing worked quite well. In 2011 though he needs legs to move.
Posted 05:30pm 16/6/11
So he has to take the one ring to mordor?
Posted 05:32pm 16/6/11
In the normal mode encounter he has no legs, he is more traditional, spewing out of lava, the legs come into play in a Heroic/Hard mode version of the fight as the encounter is totally different.

Posted 05:39pm 16/6/11
Blizzard sure know how to make awesome trailers for their s***. Also when did thrall get a b****?
Posted 05:43pm 16/6/11
He hooks up this patch, in the quest-lines revolving around the elements he 'proposes' to her lol
Posted 06:00pm 16/6/11
Stop zee posting of zee drug knowen as wow crack mang.

You ruin the kids lives!
Posted 08:50pm 16/6/11
Bahaha. WoW just becomes more and more stupid each month. Ragnaros with legs, that's a first.
Posted 09:05pm 16/6/11
I tried watching the HD option but got some video about sexting instead. So I closed the window.
Posted 09:10pm 16/6/11
Thought it was another Al Gore speech at first.
Posted 09:17pm 16/6/11
God the fights just look like the same gimmicks. Avoid fire/purple s*** on floor, avoid boulders/flame balls shooting at you, avoid avoid avoid avoid.
Posted 10:36pm 16/6/11
Cant believe people are still playing the borefest of a game
Posted 11:39pm 16/6/11
F*** yeah, bring it on! S*** looks awesome, Blizzard do indeed know how to make great trailers.

I don't think you ever see Thrall get his b**** in the game, at the start of Cataclysm shes already there, but theres a book they put out before Cataclysm that tells Thrall's story, of how he went from warchief to being the shaman that is going to save the world and he hooks up with that chick while hes on a pilgrimage back to Outland. And just for extra geek points, she is calling him Goel is because that is his real name, Thrall is a name the humans gave to him when he was their slave.

And yeah, that Ragnaros model is reeeeeeeeeeally old, it hasn't looked like that for a while now, and he only pulls himself up onto his legs in the heroic version of the fight.
Posted 08:02am 17/6/11
I remember when i first got the epic dagger from ragnaros for my rogue, it made me respec this awesome backstab build. First step was go into WSG and AB and just 2shot backstab people.

The dagger was so slow and heavy hitting that it meant you didn't have to duel wield swords and flurry. You could go for big crits in backstab instead. 90% of fights you'd top dps and you manged threat via vanish but occasionally there'd be a fight where you couldn't hit the back of a target. So instead you went and got a samwich from the fridge.

The rest of my rogues stuff was mostly t2, but that dagger was so cool. Perditions blade maybe? It magaged to make my rogue even viable for Naxx. Although mostly I played my mage.

Then I sold both those characters and quit wow. The first time.
Posted 08:48am 17/6/11
I haven't looked at the fights yet, but I hope they're different than this current tier, the amount of rng is getting old
Posted 09:12am 17/6/11
Looking at that 10man fight, it doesnt look like anything has changed for the past year and a bit.

run into mob and add control while keeping MT up and not standing in fire!

that said, itll probably be fun if it was with a bunch of friends.
Posted 09:16am 17/6/11
F*** yeah bring it on, I wish thrall would stop being such a pussy but :P
Posted 09:18am 17/6/11
Khel you must be a massive fanboy of WoW to think that trailer was special... I got so bored watching it =P

(and yes, i am currently playing wow)
Posted 12:28pm 17/6/11
Well, the gameplay bits I didn't find very interesting, I mean I enjoy playing wow, but I find watching videos of WoW gameplay generally to be pretty boring and s***, and it never looks good.

But I love the story behind it all, so the awesome part of the trailer for me was just the story stuff at the start with Thrall, that stuff felt epic.
Posted 03:33pm 17/6/11
Yeah the rag fight looks pretty dated mechanics wise, the raids that shipped with Cata actually had some interesting and new/different game-play so far good expansion
Posted 11:20am 18/6/11
Current Ragnaros model

Posted 11:44am 18/6/11
God WoW is really starting to look f***en old graphically.

How can you look at that trailer and not think it looks s***? There's only so much ancient engine you can cover with groovy art direction.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:12pm 18/6/11
Minecraft looks like ass but people play that. Must be because they're having fun I guess.
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