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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:53am 15/06/11 | 8 Comments
The publishing rights to Psychonauts, Double Fine's 2005 cult smash, have returned to the developer according to a Tweet from senior gameplay programmer and friend of AusGamers, Anna Kipnis.

"Omg Double Fine is now the sole publisher of Psychonauts!! If you buy it now (on Steam, for instance), the proceeds go to us! #Psychonauts".

Apparently the publishing deal Double Fine had with Majesco is now at an end (which makes sense), so the much respected developer will reap all monetary rewards for Psychonauts sales from here on out.

Maybe in celebration the team should revisit that universe for a future project - what do you think Anna? ;)

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:17pm 15/6/11
Psychonauts is easily the most creative, clever and genuinely funny adventure/platformer game i've ever played (there is nothing else like it)- and for what it's worth, I remember pc powerplay giving its first ever perfect score to this game, and it's also scored tremendous reviews all over the place. so if you haven't already, go play it - right now.

ps. Phsychonauts, steve? a common typo - the keys are like right next to each other :D
Posted 02:31pm 15/6/11
I purchased this game on steam ages ago while watching a Zero Punctuation video where he was complaining how creative games don't get the time of day and he used Psychonauts and Braid as examples... Braid was pure awesome.

Totally forgot about it, it's sitting hidden/uninstalled in my "All games" steam list, time to give it a crack.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:35pm 15/6/11
hehe errr. fixed.
Posted 03:07pm 15/6/11
Its definitely worth checking out. The difficulty curve of the game jumps around like crazy, but it's very imaginative and fun :)
Posted 03:11pm 15/6/11
I swear ZP gets off on being wrong. Braid was for the year it was released in, highest xbox live arcade game for the year, and made the xbox top 10 list of all released games, gamespot gave it best downloadable game 2008, in 2006 during development it got an award at the independant games festival.. um macworld threw it up in it's 2009 hall of fame.

For me it cemented the worthiness of xbox arcade and allowed me to play some winterbottom up and until my xbox red ringed.

I should maybe give this psychonauts thing a go. If you can rate it near enough to braid to be in the same sentence then it's surely an entertainer.
Posted 04:01pm 15/6/11
I'd love to see a HD remake with a tweak to the platforming controls and updated gameplay mechanics. Also delete that last mission in the meat circus ugh.
Posted 05:04pm 15/6/11
Easily one of my favourite games, if not my favourite. Hopefully this means we'll see a sequel or at least a HD remake. Would love if they did a Grim Fandango and Psychonauts HD remake on one disc
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