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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:41pm 14/06/11 | 19 Comments
Square Enix Montreal have revealed the PC system requirements to run Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and the results are good news all round, especially for those of us who are yet to get their machines up-to-date.

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 with DirectX 9.0c
  • PROCESSOR: 2 GHz dual core
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce 8000 series or ATI Radeon HD 2000 series or better
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7
  • PROCESSOR: AMD Phenom II X4 or Intel Core 2 Quad or better
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • GRAPHICS: AMD Radeon HD 5850
We recently took a look at the game in preview form running on our Xbox 360 debug, but have yet to see it running on high-end PC hardware. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is due to arrive on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 25.

deus ex human revolutionpc system requirementspcsystem requirements
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:45pm 14/6/11
The beta ran like a charm on my machine (Quad Core with GTX 280). Already got this on pre-order.
Posted 05:05pm 14/6/11
Have it on pre-order steam, normal version.

Pretty high recommended GPU spec, HD5850 is a pretty fast card....
Posted 05:11pm 14/6/11
The leak runs at a flat 60fps at 1920x1080, everything maxed (16xAF, Full AA, etc) on my HD5770, Phenom II X4 3.5Ghz. Looks fantastic.

By the way are we allowed to talk about the leak? Oddly, Square Enix allows some discussion on their own forums so I figured it would be OK here.

last edited by SwissCM at 17:11:20 14/Jun/11
Posted 05:15pm 14/6/11
Just call it a beta DUDE.
Reverend Evil
Posted 05:17pm 14/6/11
Looking forward to this. Should run flawlessly on my machine.
Posted 05:40pm 14/6/11
People throw around the term BETA too much. It's more like a press preview.
Posted 06:24pm 14/6/11
The beta/leak whatever you want to call it was excellent. I really enjoyed it and think its a worthy addition to the dues ex games.

Will buy and recommend others to as well if you enjoyed the first game.
Posted 07:02pm 14/6/11
Well in that case the recommended specs are actually realistic!

Should run fine on my 275 SLI then.
Posted 07:06pm 14/6/11
Swear to god when people put up minimum requirements, a screenshot of the game should be posted with them at that spec, and then reccomended, with a screenshot of that game with that spec.

Rather than some arbritrary specs thrown in that is "Supports Dx9c" essentially.
Posted 07:16pm 14/6/11
Yes Square even allow discussion on their forums and developers are taking feedback.
Posted 08:22pm 14/6/11
It has DirectX 11 support too. It adds soft shadows, better Anti-Aliasing and Tessellation. It's not a huge jump in graphical quality but it makes a difference.
Posted 10:40pm 14/6/11
Is it better then Invisible War? I tried to replay that on the weekend and it's horrendous.

Deus 1 still has great replay value.

Really hoping this isn't rubbish.

Posted 11:11pm 14/6/11
There should be a minimum spec, recommended spec for say 25 - 30 fps, and a maximum spec for where you will get 50+ through most of the game save for random areas where it may slow down a bit more.
Posted 11:40pm 14/6/11
Been playing the preview build that was leaked... Oh god, it's amazing.. can't wait until it hits the shelves.

Runs like a dream on my PC too, super bonus
Posted 11:56pm 14/6/11
Yes Square even allow discussion on their forums and developers are taking feedback

Well if that's the case I'll give my impressions on the first 15 minutes or so before my game crashed. The voices seemed pretty good with maybe exception to Adam. Sounds like the guy had a sore throat when doing his lines but after a couple of minutes it works well enough. I don't think it's much of a spoiler when I say you get to look around during an automated 5 minute walk through a building and can check out all the stuff around you as you go.

I opened up the tutorial when I got full control of my character as noticed that it was telling me that to duck I push left control stick down. I shut the tutorial down so I'm not sure if there is a zoom but right click seems to magnatise you to the nearest wall. A bit odd that but eh I can see how you will be using it a lot.

I was playing on the hardest difficulty so when I saw 2 guys standing around talking I figured "pfft, watch this and learn rookies" and proceeded to get killed in 3 shots. You don't f*** around in this game. You die. Fast. I like that if you go in guns blazing (at least on hardest) you get owned so looks like this may be a stealth game. I like stealth games. I doubt i'll boot the thing back up as my brief time with it seemed enough to warrant me placing a pre-order for the collector's edition. Sold.

EDIT - Ok there is an ironsights thingo. Middle mouse. Anyway it seems the hardest difficulty turns off all of your hud markers so you only have a gun on screen. Either that or I havn't picked up the hud enabling item yet or there is something wrong with my graphics.

Biggest thing that s**** me though (and not just with this game) is why the f*** is mouse sensitivity so hard to program with some games? I want the mouse to go the same damn speed it is when I'm outside of the game. I don't want it suddenly to jump 4x the speed. F*** sake it's like they've never used a mouse before and it's some exotic component to a computer.

last edited by DM at 23:56:45 14/Jun/11
Posted 12:12am 15/6/11
@DM, you are indeed correct... console gamers have never used a mouse on console, it is exotic and therefore does not get sensitivity settings or even side buttons working in most games.
Posted 12:13am 15/6/11
Speaking of that, no side mouse button support here. At least not yet in this preview build.
Posted 06:56am 15/6/11
For a game about computer augmentation you would think they would have a plethora of input/control options.
Posted 08:01pm 15/6/11
Ok so played another 15 or so minutes and got the HUD upgrade and am part way through the 1st mission. The cover system is awesome and works with tapping space for a quick move between cover spots, and holding space to go around corners. The Take downs are a bit odd though. Tap T for a knock out and hold T for a flat out stealth kill however they use an energy meter which slowly recharges so already after knocking 1 guy out i'm forced to wait like 15 - 20 seconds until I can take out guy #2. Still though this is an awesome game.

The preview build is supposed to be around 4 - 5 hours long which is apparantly the first boss of chapter 1. There are 5 chapters so I can only hope that they are all that long, if not longer. Could work out to be quite a long game. GOOD. Can't wait.

EDIT - Ok the thing about 5 chapters is wrong. The symbols on the load screen showed how far into the mission/chapter I was. Anyway finished the first mission and went the stealth route. Killed no one, fired no guns except for a few dart gun knock downs. There really is a fair few ways you can go about stuff in this game which really helps me feel like I have choices. I can go in and kill them all standard FPS style, I can go in stealth and kill when I need to, or take the real stealth route and take the hidden passages and totally avoid everyone and kill no one or even knock them out. You even get a "Ghost" exp bonus if no one spots you during a mission.

For Augments you get these credit type things and you can pick from a list of about 15 - 20 different types. They range from personal defense abilities (360 degree grenade attack) to stealth ones, and passive ones like higher jumping, more stength and better hack abilities. Not sure if you will have enough to buy them all but I doubt it so it comes down to what type of game you want to play really.

Oh while I remember too hacking is actually fun in this game. You get this spider web layout screen and you have to get from your point, to the right icon on the screen. However hacking nodes has a 60% chance (by default) to trigger an alarm. When this happens an alarm goes off and you have 35 seconds or less to finish the hack or you fail. What is good though is that it isn't just a flat 35 seconds. You see a red line slowly trace to your entry into the system which is like the computer is anti-hacking you. So you can set up defenses at nodes so the progress of the CPU takes longer or you can just flat out nuke the nodes using special viruses you find which I assume allow you to instantly capture a node you choose.

Anyway I deleted the game now and treated it just as a demo and I am very impressed. Good graphics (it's very yellow. A nice change from coffee brown and grey but still a little annoying) and runs smooth on my system.

last edited by DM at 20:01:46 15/Jun/11
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