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Post by nachosjustice @ 01:50pm 10/06/11 | 10 Comments
Is it just me, or is it a bit weird that seeing the Sony Online Entertainment stamp brings back recent memories of a certain lengthy outage of the Sony network? Digs aside, SOE has recently released a gameplay trailer for an upcoming first-person shooter that promises four-player “interactive” co-op (whatever that means) and “endless replayability”.

We have our doubts as to the latter point—particularly when the trailer makes mention of only six heists—but you can check out the Heat-esque mayhem in the video below. We’ve also added some new screenshots to the game page here.

e3 2011payday the heist

Latest Comments
Posted 02:25pm 10/6/11
Oh this game is so going to go well in America...
Posted 02:28pm 10/6/11
Yeah, the media is going to be all over this.
The GuVna
Posted 02:33pm 10/6/11
Looks alot like the source engine!

Though I guess since Portal PS3 was linked to steam & the PC version, and this title is also coming to PC, that Sony & Valve have some arrangement?

"Left 4 Robbery" didn't catch as a title either I take :)
Posted 02:43pm 10/6/11
I always wanted to see a game like this.
Randy Pitchford did a brief interview on the back page of GI a while back and apparently they have the license for Heat. But he didn't say much other than they aquired it a while back.
Posted 02:44pm 10/6/11
I can see this getting the big RC.
Reverend Evil
Posted 02:49pm 10/6/11
I like the idea of it. Having a multiplayer option with goodies and badies would be cool. Sorta like CS but set around bank robberies.
Posted 02:53pm 10/6/11
Alot of other gaming sites are claiming this game to be "The hidden gem of e3." Saying they're initial assumptions before playing it are changed when playing it, and that it has alot of potential.

I watched a walk through on gttv, actually pretty good, but very much like left 4 dead/killing floor but with police instead of zombies.
Posted 03:27pm 10/6/11
Great idea but looks like s***** AI and crappy graphics
Posted 05:26pm 10/6/11
Great idea but looks like s***** AI and crappy graphics

This! Absolutely love the concept. But as long as the AI ends up being decent I'll be able to look past these two apparent shortcomings for some awesome MP co-op fun. Just depends on how the engine feels, if it is indeed the Source engine then huzzah!
Posted 05:48pm 10/6/11
kirkoswald summed it up.
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