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Post by nachosjustice @ 01:05pm 10/06/11 | 6 Comments
Bohemia Interactive, the team behind the Arma games, has shown off a trailer at E3 for what looks to be a non-military helicopter simulator, Take On Helicopters. Despite needing to return to the drawing board for a new game title, this upcoming title looks interesting for a couple of reasons.

First off, the lack of weapons is an interesting approach for Bohemia who is renowned for its skill at creating military simulators. Second, it looks as though they’re trying to integrate a narrative into the chopper simulator, which is an interesting new take on the genre.
“In the latest instalment of Bohemia Interactive’s line-up of immersive games, the player takes on the role of a civilian helicopter pilot. Harry Larkin's aviation business has fallen on tough times. Built up over decades, it’s now only days away from closure. His sons face an uncertain future, struggling to save the company their father spent his whole life building. Together, they must take on contracts and competitors; together, they take on helicopters!”

You can check out the gameplay trailer below and the newly forged game page here.

e3 2011take on helicopters

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Posted 01:55pm 10/6/11
I'd love to get my hands on this but I seriously don't trust Bohemia to release a game that hasn't got show stopping bugs...
Posted 02:00pm 10/6/11
there is a 'genre' for helicopter sims w/o any kind of warfare or weaponry? news to me
still waiting for a good military based flight sim

mechwarior will do until then
Posted 02:23pm 10/6/11
Looks good but it's missing guns and explosions...

teq I miss all the old school Janes simulations games :(
Posted 02:45pm 10/6/11
Teq, Falcon 4.0 (old but good), DCS Black Shark, DCS A10 (beta atm I think). Of course if you're not looking for full on sim then it's Arma, it rarely crashes for me and is almost always because of the ridiculous amount of mods that I run.

As for TOH... I initially thought this was an april fools joke as they announced it on april fools and now I don't know what to make of it, reserving judgement cuz BIS are great.
Posted 03:23pm 10/6/11
teq, Microsoft Flight Sim?

Usually they are made up for in realism though - they are designed so you feel like if you can fly the actual sim you might be the guy they call on to land the A380 when the pilot, co-pilot and first officer all simultaneously suffer from a heart attack.
Posted 03:32pm 10/6/11
still waiting for a good military based flight sim

That's been one of my gripes with the Battlefield series - the ground combat is alright, and the vehicles are nice and easy to jump into and learn quickly, but there's either not enough planes and choppers or they don't spawn fast enough if you're on a crowded server.
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