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Post by nachosjustice @ 12:44pm 10/06/11 | 12 Comments
It’s not really E3 without the inclusion of a stunning CGI trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. And while you can find this year’s effort right here, it doesn’t really show off what you can actually expect from the gameplay side of things.

For that, we’ve managed to get our hands on a lengthy developer walkthrough as Dallas Dickinson, director of production on The Old Republic, shows off Tatooine gameplay, as seen through the Jedi-hating eyes of a Sith Sorcerer. Check out the 11 minutes of gameplay below.

e3 2011star wars the old republic

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Posted 01:24pm 10/6/11
I don't really see it being any different to the plethora of fantasy MMORPGs except that it's Star Wars based. Standard looking UI, pets , caster, ranged and melee classes, mounts. Missions/Quests being kill X NPCs and interact.

Graphically it doesn't look any better than AoC. To that extent Secret World would seem to offer something better.
Posted 02:09pm 10/6/11
Oh look, it's the exact same mount system as every other MMO!
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 02:51pm 10/6/11
Like pretty much everyone else it seems I have almost no interest in playing another WOW clone.

I bet EA is going to feel the pain when this flops so badly.
Posted 03:10pm 10/6/11
Watching the video it looks like his companion turns in to a speeder bike at 2:04 mark.
Posted 04:28pm 10/6/11
Although I only skimmed through the trailer, the only thing that character seems to do is chain lightning attacks. The light-saber doesn't even do anything.
Posted 05:11pm 10/6/11
ausgamers can you get rid of the giant mute symbol on your video player when i mute your videos? kind of annoying.
Posted 05:26pm 10/6/11
Reminded me of levelling a Shaman in vanilla WoW.
Posted 07:30pm 10/6/11
Pretty boring story arc and gameplay, hope it's not meant to be one of their better stories. A large part of that though is that I don't like the appearance or playstyle of the sith sorcerer at all, found myself thinking that the agent might have been a bit more fun.
Posted 05:00am 11/6/11
This is being so badly received it's kind of funny.

Check out the comments on RPS, 122 and counting, I challenge you to find 1 in 20 that have something good to say:

How much is this costing to make again? What is their break-even model? Is this going to kill Bioware?

All valid questions at this point in my opinion.
Posted 05:47am 11/6/11
I'm fairly confident that some of the stories will be interesting enough to play through, at least. I mean I did love KotOR. That being said, the Sith Empire looks contrived, and the Republic looks... bland, prequel bland (which the KotORs didn't seem to draw upon anywhere near as much). And I guess I still haven't bought DAII despite thinking the same thing...

Think this was my favourite comment from that page:
the epic music seems to be actively mocking the player as he does mundane and boring tasks
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 06:51am 11/6/11
The game deserves to flop. Bioware has the IP and resources to make a new type of MMO game, instead they want to reuse and rehash ideas - don't they realise people have been playing WOW for 5 years now. They deserve to be bit in the ass.
Posted 09:36pm 13/6/11
There hasn't been a good Star Wars game since Jedi Knight 2 and KOTOR 2. Bioware's talent is wasted on a WoW rehash. This reminds me of that Age of Empires Star Wars rehash, it was only slightly cool because it was Star Wars.
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