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Post by nachosjustice @ 08:03am 10/06/11 | 7 Comments
Earlier this morning, we posted a news story about EA having some big plans for taking on the dominance of sci-fi series Halo and Gears of War with a new title Respawn Entertainment is working on. Perhaps more interestingly, the same article from Gamepro also makes mention of EA’s plans to alternate new Medal of Honor and Battlefield releases every year.

While Medal of Honor still has a way to go to earn back its street cred (check out our less-than-sparkling review here), the Battlefield franchise is directly competing with Activision’s Call of Duty juggernaut. And what seems to be one of the most important factors in why Battlefield 3 is generating more buzz than Modern Warfare 3, is that it’s not restricted to a two-year development cycle. Although the Frostbite 2-powered Battlefield 3 is looking amazing, I’m wondering whether this more stringent ‘quantity over quality’ approach will negatively affect the reputation of future Battlefield titles.

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Posted 08:37am 10/6/11
why Battlefield 3 is generating more buzz than Battlefield 3

proofreading is your friend.
Posted 08:43am 10/6/11
Battlefied 3 more buzz than Battlefield 3?
Posted 08:48am 10/6/11
Well it'd be OK as long as they deliver a quality product and don't remove features from the wish list because they want the game to 'die' after 2 years.
Posted 08:49am 10/6/11
2 years isn't exactly a short amount of time now that they have their tech sorted out.
Posted 08:53am 10/6/11
Proofing and early-morning wake-ups rarely go hand in hand. Corrected.
Posted 09:42am 10/6/11
so pretty much continue doing what they've been doing for the last 10 years with battlefield series?
Posted 09:54am 10/6/11
Yeah, don't really see a problem there. And especially if they are including dedicated servers, you can easily go back and enjoy older games, unlike COD, where no one barely plays MW2, and when MW3 comes out, everyone will kill off their "servers" that they are renting in Black Ops. A 2 year cycle is fine, gives everyone a heap of enjoyment. It's when it becomes every 6-12 months a new release is being made, then there are problems.
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