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According to this news report over at Game Trailers, Telltale Games has spilled the beans on the development of an episodic game adaptation of the graphic novel series and AMC TV show, The Walking Dead. Telltale executive producer Kevin Boyle has stated that the game adaptation will follow the plight of a separate survivor, Lee Everett: a criminal who is responsible for keeping 7-year old Clementine alive.

According to Boyle, the game will focus on making players determine which is the lesser of two evils as it throws horrendous decisions at them. Boyle also had the following to say in regards to character overlap between the game and familiar faces from the comics/TV show,
“There will be some overlap with characters fans are familiar with. Our general take, though, is creating a story with characters players aren’t familiar with”
Between this and Dead Island, there seems to be a new trend with towards injecting a bit of heart and moral ambiguity into the popular zombie subset of games.

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Posted 12:18pm 09/6/11
Speaking of criminals in The Walking Dead, I wonder what happened to that dude they left on the roof of the building early on in the series.
Posted 05:45pm 09/6/11
I have a sneaking suspicion he'll be back for blood in the second season.
Posted 08:56pm 09/6/11
I would have shot the redneck.
Posted 02:30pm 10/6/11
Loved the show, although I'm a bit iffy about more zombie games when so many have been done well...
Posted 02:31pm 10/6/11
Having to look after a 7 year old in a game? sounds tedious.
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