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Post by nachosjustice @ 07:32am 09/06/11 | 2 Comments
With yesterday’s hullabaloo surrounding the semi-announcement that Aliens: Colonial Marines might be coming to the newly announced Nintendo U notwithstanding, there hasn’t been a whole lot else released about the upcoming co-op shooter from Gearbox. Sure, we had the announcement of a 2012 release date and teaser trailer this time last week, but we just wanna see a decent chunk of gameplay, dammit!

What we do have for you, are three new screenshots on the Colonial Marines game page and a far-too-short gameplay snippet that was showcased at the Nintendo press conference. You can check out the latter item below.

e3 2011aliens colonial marines
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Latest Comments
Posted 08:37am 09/6/11
oh my god... I just came a little in my pants...

this looks so inredibly good. this is what avp should have been!

on the GA page it says this is for all 3 platforms... YES! Finally a aliens title to save the PC from that horrible last AVP game...
Posted 05:47pm 09/6/11
I really enjoyed the multiplayer of AvP, despite the game's flaws. But yes, this looks like the kind of game that it should have been. Sigh.
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