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Post by nachosjustice @ 07:15am 09/06/11 | 3 Comments
Despite seeing a relatively meh gameplay demonstration of Lord of the Rings: War in the North at a recent Warner Bros. event, the game continues to push the epic envelope when it comes to gameplay trailers. Take this newly released gameplay trailer, for instance. It has more epic than you could throw a Tolkein novel at. Here’s a breakdown of how the great eagles of the trailer (and game) fit into things:
“The great eagles have travelled with the Fellowship before, lending their keen eye and stamina in support of the three, the human, elf and dwarf. As the party arrives at the ruins of Fornost, Beleram, the noblest of these creatures, breaks from chains to join the Fellowship, becoming its fourth member. Destroying structures, providing an aerial advantage, and employing his instinctual combat prowess to tear apart those who threaten the fellowship, Beleram accompanies our heroes in their campaign to overthrow Agandaur, Sauron’s Chief Lieutenant in the North.”
Have a gander at the newly released gameplay trailer below, and be sure to check out some fresh screenshots on the War in the North game page.

e3 2011lord of the rings war in the north
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Latest Comments
Posted 08:33am 09/6/11
This trailer looks great. What was wrong with the gameplay - can you please elaborate a little more?
Posted 11:04am 09/6/11
that bird looks to be owning everything!
Posted 12:31pm 09/6/11
What I saw of the gameplay trailer looked boring. It didn't help that it was set in a snowy level (boring backgrounds), but basically the difficulty they had it on was so easy that it didn't look challenging in the slightest and was more of a button-mashing thing. There were also some pretty bad hit-registry issues, particularly with trolls versus the dwarf.
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