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Post by nachosjustice @ 01:29pm 08/06/11 | 28 Comments
Those video-loving folk at Game Trailers have posted a developer walkthrough for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and it is looking damn sexy. Perhaps most surprising of all is that it is apparently running Xbox 360 (imagine how much better it will look on PC).
“ The next chapter in the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls saga arrives from the makers of the 2006 and 2008 Games of the Year, Bethesda Game Studios. Skyrim reimagines and revolutionizes the open-world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open for you to explore any way you choose.”
Check out the walkthrough below and if that isn’t enough Skyrim awesomeness for you, check out the new screenshots on the Skyrim game page.

e3 2011the elder scrolls skyrim
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:56pm 08/6/11
Posted this in the wee hours of the morning, but came to similar conclusions. ;)
Posted 01:58pm 08/6/11
Hmmmm I didn't mind this, hopefully they polish it nicely before releasing it.
Posted 01:59pm 08/6/11
looks very nice, however the giant seems to be missing falling animations.
Posted 02:07pm 08/6/11
Yeah Rav I noticed that too the way he fell from the Dragons mouth looked like it bugged out lol
Posted 02:17pm 08/6/11
haha yea I thought the same about the giant falling, still looks nice. Making it hard to decide when to upgrade my PC...
Posted 02:28pm 08/6/11
Ah, my apologies Nerfington. Kudos to you, sir!
Posted 05:22pm 08/6/11
Can't wait for this. I love how big the game is supposedly
Posted 05:31pm 08/6/11
Looks sweet.
Posted 06:41pm 08/6/11
apparently theres 70 voice actors compared to 14 in oblivion
Posted 07:19pm 08/6/11
Holy s***, what is this? Forged in God's very flames. Do mine eyes tell me lies, a new Elder Scrolls Game?
Posted 07:35pm 08/6/11
if only this game was a pc exclusive-imagine how good it could have been,still looks good,but it a console port :(
Posted 07:45pm 08/6/11
Oddjob, unlikely it could have been better. When proposing to make a game, and decising on the funding needed for it, by cutting out potentially millions of sales, your overall budget would be massively cut.

Not to mention what do you think they could have done given the same budget if it was PC exclusive? It's not like you won't be able to enable dx11, turn up the resolution to 2500x1600, increase the draw distance and run all your filters up at max if your PC can't handle it.

In the end it's an RPG, first and foremost the obvious and most important factor is going to be the story line and game play. This will be the same no matter what platform the game will be on.
Posted 07:48pm 08/6/11
if only this game was a pc exclusive-imagine how good it could have been,still looks good,but it a console port :(

sigh, get out of this thread.
Posted 08:48pm 08/6/11
Actually, he has at least reminded me that Oblivion had a baaaaaaaaad UI/menu system due to its console origins, which was very depressing after Morrowind's mouse + windows centric funtimes UI.

I might have to make a bethesda forums account and pleasantly ask them to put that bit of extra work in, to give PC players a non-traumatic experience this time. They seem to be passionate about what they do, so maybe if I let them understand how Oblivion's PC UI actually ruined my life they will want to go that extra mile to polish it.

edit: Done. Feel free to add supportive follow up posts, preferably with sarcastic disclaimers stating that you have never spoken to the OP before now, but find his thread new, exciting, and informative.
Posted 09:05pm 08/6/11
Just found this different video. Amongst other things it shows the new in-engine map system which is pretty amazing.
Posted 09:19pm 08/6/11
^ that vid doesn't seem to want to play for me.
Posted 09:28pm 08/6/11
I have no doubt this would have looked better if it were a PC exclusive. Are you kidding? Sure you can crank up the texture detail, draw distance, enable dx11 (I sincerely hope they put all that in, they might not!) but things like the polygon count of objects in the world will be lower than they would have been because of the need to run on console hardware.

But my biggest peeve will be the interface. The game has been designed around a console controller, and they're not going to change the fundamental way it plays (or the UI) for the PC port.

I really hope I'm wrong, seriously. But I don't think I will be.
Posted 09:47pm 08/6/11
the game map and the constellations for skills are awesome. disappointed with the inventory being a huge list, although i like the items being rendered in 3d.
Posted 10:17pm 08/6/11
Don't get me wrong, I will definitely be getting this game on PC - how could I not buy an Elders Scrolls game. I dare say my fondest PC gaming memories are of Morrowind - the theme music still mists me up! My mates and I had a LAN party just after Morrowind came out, and we spent the entire week playing Morrowind, single player! Great times.
Posted 10:20pm 08/6/11
I jizzed a little.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:22pm 08/6/11
Looks damn nice but jesus I hope they don't f*** up the controls and make them gumby to play with. Dream control system would be like WoW and being able to map all keys.
Posted 03:23am 09/6/11
Posted 07:55am 09/6/11
Trouble ahead for PC gamers with Skyrim!

I also found it very worrying when he said the main gameplay is 30 hours but additional content will make it up to 200-300 hours, then he leads straight into talking about DLC. Is DLC the majority of this addition content or is it just additional content within the original game.
Posted 08:03am 09/6/11
I have no doubt this would have looked better if it were a PC exclusive. Are you kidding? Sure you can crank up the texture detail, draw distance, enable dx11 (I sincerely hope they put all that in, they might not!)
Already confirmed that DX11 is supported, and in the same answer also notes quickly that they use nothing of the new DX11.

Which is why goons are crying.
Posted 11:28am 09/6/11
Posted 12:21pm 09/6/11
The out of box experience with Oblivion was fine to begin with, but the more you worked with the inventory the more frustrating it was for me, thankfully there was an amazing mod scene and with a couple of UI mods the game was much better on PC.

I have no doubts that the bethesda crew have overhauled the UI and inventory management setup to work better for all platforms and if it isn't as good as it can be on PC, I'm sure it'll be modded soon enough.

It looks pretty much done to me, I'm just wondering what to do with the next 5 months of waiting!
Posted 01:04pm 09/6/11
If only the inventory is like it was in Morrowind! Thats part of what put me off Oblivion, the inventory system was too simplified for console, the selection of armour was reduced so I couldn't even mix and match types. This whole 'one piece suit' business reduces the immersiveness a lot
Posted 06:25pm 09/6/11
this game looks amazing!! can see myself spending hours and hours on it just like i did with oblivion haha
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