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Post by darkjedi @ 01:07pm 08/06/11 | 7 Comments
After being announced last year, Atari have rolled out the first trailer of the third Neverwinter Nights game being developed by Cryptic. Simply titled "Neverwinter" and dubbed as an "Online RPG", this looks set to bring the Dungeons & Dragons goodness for those left wanting by Dragon Age 2.

The official Neverwinter site has more information and we've got screenshots up on the game page.

Check out the official E3 teaser trailer below.

neverwintere3 2011cryptic
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:24pm 08/6/11
Very impressive. Maybe this time I won't miss the Neverwinter band wagon.
Posted 01:39pm 08/6/11
looks pretty sweet!
Posted 01:57pm 08/6/11
One thing I just picked up was the hints around this possibly being an MMO-style affair with a monthly subscription fee, as opposed to the original free to play model. That said, if Cryptic's involved then there's a high % chance it's going to be a pay to play MMO-esque affair with a focus on user generated content.
Posted 02:03pm 08/6/11
Posted 04:27pm 08/6/11
Perfect World just bought out Cryptic so it will probably be f2p if its an mmo. It would not surprise me to see star trek online f2p as well, given Perfect World's f2p model.
Posted 05:12pm 08/6/11
Doesn't seem to be MMOish. Hopefully not, would really ruin it.
Posted 01:11pm 10/6/11
Its Cryptic. It will be bad :(
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