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Post by nachosjustice @ 06:24am 08/06/11 | 12 Comments
The creators of the original Operation Flashpoint game have since gone on to create ‘spiritual sequels’ in the form of the ArmA titles that are, ironically, more true to their roots than the current run of Operation Flashpoint titles. If the teaser trailer is anything to go by, ArmA 3 will be asking players to survive, adapt and win.
“The latest installment in the successful tactical mil-sim series, Arma, combines the strength of its predecessors with radical engine improvements. Arma 3 will provide players with a unique experience of sandbox-oriented combat gameplay set in the most detailed and vast environment of the series. Players will fight through a story-oriented campaign by taking control of a multitude of aircraft, vehicles and ships; shooting anything from pistols to sophisticated weaponry.”
Check out what's on offer below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:29am 08/6/11
Hopefully it isn't reminding us to Adapt to the bugs
Posted 08:52am 08/6/11
Oh snap!
Posted 10:22am 08/6/11
yer i tried to play arma 2 the other day and i got bored in 10min
Posted 10:52am 08/6/11
Yeah, ArmA is designed for a niche crowd. If you love the run and gun shooters and fast paced action then you're not going to like ArmA games. They require patience which isn't for everyone. Great games if you have the patience though.

The first ArmA was extremely buggy, the 2nd wasn't much better, fortunately the latest installment (Operation Arrowhead) wasn't very buggy and they ironed out the bugs rather fast, but all the new implementations are sure to lead to more bugs. Hopefully they can iron them out before release this time.
Posted 01:14pm 08/6/11
I'm a bit meh on the teaser, too much live action crap. The choppers are in game as is the Merkava tank. Looks like the tank was saved by it's trophy system, that would be a first in the Armaverse, and you may have picked up on the unique gun on that tank. Teaser indeed.

Also some new screens. There are more screens here.

Customisable gear & weapons.

PhysX added.

Posted 01:25pm 08/6/11
Looks f*****g great but no computer will be able to run it till three years after its release.
Posted 05:34pm 08/6/11
Yea you would need a pretty beastly PC to run it at max settings with a 10km draw distance. But no one runs it [A2] at max settings in MP as it's actually a disadvantage, the over done bloom and the blur in the distance along with grass makes it hard to see enemies, simply turning them off makes it easier, so that's what everyone does. Also many custom MP game modes impose a draw distance limit (e.g. 4000m) so people with very powerful PC's wont have a huge advantage.
Posted 03:45pm 16/6/11
mine will
Posted 04:51pm 16/6/11
that's what i hate about BF as well, if u run it on max setting's you disadvantage yourself due to more cluster of grass / trees. Kinda s**** me off the fact that if u can afford / save for a good PC why should you get punished competitively for doing it?
Posted 05:01pm 16/6/11
that's what i hate about BF as well, if u run it on max setting's you disadvantage yourself due to more cluster of grass / trees. Kinda s**** me off the fact that if u can afford / save for a good PC why should you get punished competitively for doing it?

Yeah I hate this too. Should be locked. Go home if your computer can't run it. (As if they will ever do that though).

I was talking I think to Khel who was running BF on 640x480 with everything on ultra low so his mouse control was unheeded and he could see enemies clear as day. I run games on a res where they look good, not so I can win.
Posted 05:09pm 16/6/11
yer same i run it at 1650x1080, 32 AA or w/e the max settings is on everything.. but the amount of times i get wasted through a tree and i'm looking right through it but cannot see anything and they'll just cut me down clear as day.. really pisses me off... i might turn the s*** down and see how well i can see everything.

still i guess it's no surprise.. back when i played cs and cod competitively i used to run the lowest possible gfx settings to get max frames / least amount of objects in my vision
Posted 12:07am 17/6/11
I always turn grass off in MP games of Arma, it helps performance but more importantly it only draws out to like 150m at the most, so someone beyond that can see you but you can't see them if you're down low in the grass. There is a really crude way around this by elevating the ground texture up at long ranges so if you're prone you will be hidden or partially hidden. You don't get this issue with things like COD as the maps are really small but in anything with range like Arma or Crysis it's a big issue.
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