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Post by trog @ 05:54pm 07/06/11 | 44 Comments
A demo for Dungeon Siege 3 is now available from Steam.
For centuries legionnaires have protected the nation of Ehb until they were betrayed and all but driven to the brink of extinction. Now that evil has returned to Ehb the people turn to the few remaining Legionnaires for the protection of the past. As an heir to the legion will you accept this plea for help? How it will all be resolved is up to you!

Dungeon Siege III is an Action RPG that seamlessly blends intuitive fast-paced gameplay, a robust RPG system featuring a large selection of abilities, loot galore and the depth of story Square-Enix and Obsidian Entertainment are known for creating. Players will be able to adventure by themselves, on the couch with friends, or online in a fully multiplayer experience.
Not actually clear exactly what is in the demo just yet but if you're after a taste - fire up Steam and get to downloading!

dungeon siege 3demo
Buy now from Green Man Gaming Only GBP£9.99!
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:24pm 07/6/11
About time.
Posted 07:32pm 07/6/11
mmmmm..... is it? i just went there and it said available on 17th.... then i refreshed and said available 18th.... then i refreshed again and it just said "June" ......... now its back to 18th....
Posted 07:33pm 07/6/11
(now i found the demo in the steam store)
Posted 07:33pm 07/6/11
yay thank god they have started doing demos again before release =)
Posted 08:09pm 07/6/11
Thx. DLing now.
Posted 09:05pm 07/6/11
Demo any good?
Posted 09:11pm 07/6/11
Thanks for that, DL'ing right now.
Posted 09:25pm 07/6/11
let us know. dungeon siege 1 was epic. 2 sucked big time. hoping 3 comes back since Chris Taylor is overseeing this one (from what i read?)
Posted 09:36pm 07/6/11
Console. Playing on PC I Feel like I am the retarded kid and just not getting it. The controls feel off. And it's not really a hack'n'slash, far more aRPG (emphasis on RPGish I feel).
Char development looks interesting and whilst not deep, different, which is neither a good thing or a bad thing. Just a thing that may or may not work.
All in all you can SEE and FEEL Squenix's hand on this title. Taking it to the larger market is all well and good, but I feel they needed to up the ante a little. PC first, console after not the other way around
Posted 09:55pm 07/6/11
Just gave it a go. Couldn't be bothered hooking up my gamepad so used keyboard and mouse and the controls just didn't feel right. The UI and menu are very simplified and clearly designed for use with a gamepad.

They do the whole Bioware thing with the conversations. Couldn't care less about the story so just skipped through it. Feels quite low budget. Doesn't feel like Dungeon Siege in any way.

Quit after about 15 minutes due to boredom. Won't be playing again.
Posted 10:06pm 07/6/11
Anything SE touches is consolised crap, look at how they killed one of the best RPGS of current times.. Supreme Commander... Supreme Commander 2 is a joke, might as well put rainbow unicorns with guns in it.

Chris Taylor sold his sold to SE with SCS2 and now with anything else... god save AoEO.
Posted 11:27pm 07/6/11
Downloaded the demo on both PC and Xbox. Only played the PC version so far but ugh the controls feel off as others have said. The whole floating globes of health thing sucks, especially when you don't get any in the middle of a hard fight.

Had one guy left at the end of a fight, put my mouse cursor over him, hit attack and my guy stood still swinging his sword where he was. In a hack and slash like this your character should move to who you want him to attack. At least the girl can do ranged attacks.
Posted 12:20am 08/6/11
Am I the only one not seeing a price for this on the Australian Steam store? Shows up as $us49.99 on the US one...
Posted 12:29am 08/6/11
I see one with no price and one priced at $49.99
Posted 12:38am 08/6/11
I was hoping this would tide me over until D3 but doesn't look that way anymore.
Posted 07:53am 08/6/11
I agree it feels consolized, and the current default camera/control scheme had me swinging in the wrong direction from time to time.

There's much less variety in spells and abilities, and they've gone down the route of more detailed fixed characters, as opposed to customizable generic ones as in the previous DS games.

At the same time, the demo ran smoothly and with no bugs to speak of (though a friend of mine had some issues with the action prompt boxes - showed ??? instead of "e" or whatnot).

The gameplay forces you to use your standard attack combos in order to generate focus (or whatever it's called) so you can use your abilities, and as mentioned by others already you pick up orbs of health/mana instead of carrying/using potions. I don't mind this really, the whole inventory juggling/constantly buying health and MP potions thing has always kind of annoyed me anyway.

All in all, I rather enjoyed it - I didn't find any of the characters annoying, I didn't mind the voice actors or script, and I did want to continue playing once I'd got to the end of the demo.

I found the gameplay slightly more engaging than the previous DS titles due to the standard attack combos/blocking(although the decrease in spell/ability diversity is a little sad), and I thought the conversation wheel/story component of the game was working out pretty well.

I'm rather looking forward to bashing through the game with friends in co-op - which is to say I'm hoping they do include online multiplayer co-op, as opposed to the local co-op only demo.
Posted 09:20am 08/6/11
I was disappointing. The conversations in the Dragon Age style got old quickly, just way to long winded. Which makes you not get into the characters. The camera movements felt off as well. Dont think I will touch this one.
Posted 09:25am 08/6/11
Wow. Bit surprised at the negative feedback; wouldn't have thought the 3rd iteration of a game like DS would make elementary mistakes with things like camera control.
Posted 09:32am 08/6/11
WTF have they done to the PC controls?

What happened to the amazing controls from DS2 ? Point and click with amazing GUI/Interface ??

They can't release it like this surely?
Posted 09:42am 08/6/11
Soooo hope my opinion of the demo is going to be different to what has been said so far but i seriously doubt it.
Posted 11:13am 08/6/11
Dungeon Seige III was disappointing for me. When I saw the Square Enix tag, with the Dungeon Seige history in mind, I got a-excited.

However after enduring the demo for an hour, there are too many points to ignore. As a result I wont be purchasing.

* Voice acting for the narrator wasn't engaging. Felt like he was just reading without understanding. Lacked charisma.
* Lucas as a character was unappealing - boring noble's story. Hard to feel attachment to "your" character when he's just some uppedy fellow with low personal ambitions and no need nor desire to save the world.
* Game tells you what happens and how you feel, disengagingly.
* Performance was chunky for me at 1920x - to be expected with high detail settings. Lower resolutions looked s***e though. Set low shadows and then they looked glitchy.
* Camera view control limiting and annoying to play with.
* Character evolution way simplified. Limited choices for abilities and playstyle.
* Feels like a "for the masses" console run and hack game.

Until Diablo III, I'll be getting my kicks with multiplayer Titan Quest: Immortal Throne.
Posted 11:16pm 08/6/11
OMFG. So many fails. Quit after that Baron boss and i know what you mean about a pain-in-the-ass when no health bottles drop during a fight. I'll check out the reviews when they arrive because im missing a good hacknslash but damn that was pretty piss poor considering the fond memories i had with DS1 and even DS2.
Posted 09:39am 09/6/11
Really big let down. Played the demo last night on PS3.
Posted 10:49am 09/6/11

I just checked out this "Titan Quest: Immortal Throne" you talk of... how on earth did I miss this game...

Going to give it a shot asap! Cheers for the recommend.
Posted 11:06am 09/6/11
Yeah Immortal Throne is an awesome game. Not to mention it goes on for f*****g ages. Took me like 3 days to finish the damn thing once. I can't remember how far I got after I finished the game and if I went back to go into the higher difficulty but I got 40 hours racked up on steam. That's just 1 play through and a bit more I think.

Got it when steam were having a sale and scored it for an epic $2.50
Posted 12:26pm 09/6/11
There's a bunch of mods out for TQ btw, some of them add some nifty stuff.
Posted 01:16pm 09/6/11
I think there's a community patch for Immortal Throne too that from memory was highly recommended, to the point of almost being a necessity.

Edit* - Patch and info here http://www.titanquest.net/tq-forum/threads/29712-REL-Bugfix-patch-1.17, most people playing mp will be using it so you'll probably want it gamer
Posted 06:13pm 09/6/11
Cheers guys!
Posted 09:20pm 09/6/11
Entered thread expecting reviews and/or footage about Dungeon Siege 3.

Left thread having bought Titan Quest Gold on Steam for $14.99.

Thank you QGL.
Posted 10:39pm 09/6/11
I really should reinstall and play Titan Quest. Was a pretty good game back in its day.

Thanks for the patch link Enska
Posted 01:18am 10/6/11
Yeah I just reinstalled it too haha, started a dual wielding warrior.
Posted 06:41am 10/6/11
Maybe I'm coming in with the wrong perspective, but I really enjoyed that demo.

I did just finish fable 3 not long ago though.

Combat in this was at least 10x more rewarding. Skills can be used to.. well be skillful. Blink forward between shooters, place AOE, blink behind them to make melee run over the fire, shoot + blink and watch my dog attack.

It got a bit easier once a tank was rescued, but boss was quite tough! I actually died twice against her. What a b****! (stood next to her without realising her thingy does damage within radius of her body..)
Posted 08:00am 10/6/11
Titan Quest was good. I only had a dual wielding warrior but had heaps of fun with it. I did find the loot a bit lacking though as i would have the same items for hours on end and find nothing even close to being better. Good variety of enemies, nice graphics, i spent a tonne of time playing til something happened with my save game in the expansion levels.

I also highly recommend Torchlight. Streamlined selling (send your pet home to sell all the loot you dont want so you can continue hacking&slashing) and i even preferred the loot to Titan Quest. No Coop though IIRC.
Posted 10:57pm 10/6/11
I recently finished Dragon Age 1 which was epic! Is the second one worth getting? Seen all the bad press.

Any recommendations on other good RPG's to fill the hole? Shame if DS3 is rubbish.
Posted 11:00pm 10/6/11
Didnt like Dragon Age. Hate cutscenes, choosing dialogue and party combat. But thats me.
Posted 11:09pm 10/6/11
Didnt like Dragon Age. Hate cutscenes, choosing dialogue and party combat. But thats me.
Haha I really agree with you. Not with disliking Dragon Age (I liked it, but not enough to finish it). But every point there is a personal gripe with me and something i groan about in a game.

I did like how DA:O had characters talking amongst themselves while you were running around. Really made the whole scenario a whole lot more filled out. Allowed the characters to have character, and between buying s*** at shops and going to the next quest, have a kind of purpose other than mandatory RPG walking.

Still, I hate making obligatory idle chat in games, I don't want to play as myself, I don't want to play the sims, I want to hear a story, so give the story a protagonist.
Posted 11:10pm 10/6/11
Was anyone able to download the Xbox 360 demo of Dungeon Siege III - try the link from Major Nelson's site and have done a search on Xbox Marketplace but have been unsuccessful
Posted 11:24pm 10/6/11
DavidB: You need an American account to get the xbox demo. It's USA only mate. You would need to have a "friend" with an american gold account on your xbox to be able to get it (gold only week might have expired though).
Posted 12:36am 11/6/11
Typical - even though I have Dungeon Siege Limited Edition on pre-order - still would have been nice to play before hand
Posted 12:52am 11/6/11
Thing that is s***ting me to tears is that you can't rebind ANY F*****G KEYS, and A and D rotate the camera instead of making your character walk that way. Takes a lot of getting used to. Like you can switch from melee to ranged attacks with a single button press though.
Posted 11:10am 11/6/11
what the f***, I just d/led an extra 700mb (on top of the 1.4 odd gb) for this s***** demo, what did they patch?
Posted 02:39pm 11/6/11
what the f***, I just d/led an extra 700mb (on top of the 1.4 odd gb) for this s***** demo, what did they patch?

Apparently half the game was broken by maths terms.
Posted 02:53pm 11/6/11
what the f***, I just d/led an extra 700mb (on top of the 1.4 odd gb) for this s***** demo, what did they patch?

Glad I deleted the demo after playing with each character then.
Posted 09:47pm 11/6/11
what the f***, I just d/led an extra 700mb (on top of the 1.4 odd gb) for this s***** demo, what did they patch?

Saw that 700mb patch and was like F*** NO and deleted the demo before it was very far into the DL. Thats nearly 1/20th of my peak bandwidth.
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