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Post by The GuVna @ 01:51pm 07/06/11 | 6 Comments
Sony have confirmed at their E3 2011 press conference that Street Fighter X Tekken is coming to the new PlayStation Vita handheld... with an infamous guest character.
Ono just announced during Sony's E3 press conference that Street Fighter x Tekken is coming to PlayStation Vita. It was also stated that Cole from the Infamous series would be joining the cast of SFxT.

You can check out some high-res screenshots of Cole in action on our game page.

It's interesting that Sony seems to be able to get their IP into leading multiplatform fighting games; wonder if Microsoft will eventually follow? (Source : Event Hubs) promoted/edited forum item

e3 2011playstation vitastreet fighter x tekken
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Latest Comments
The GuVna
Posted 01:55pm 07/6/11
& here's the cinematic intro for the conference intro if anyone is curious

Posted 02:02pm 07/6/11
Cole from the Infamous series
Really? Then they might as well include Alex Mercer from the Prototype series.

I just want Bruce Irvin to be in it. That way we can finally decide on who really is the ultimate king of Mua Thai between the trio of Sagat, Adon and Bruce.
Posted 02:15pm 07/6/11
Guv, something is up with achievements so I can't award this one to you, but I will as soon as we figure out what's going on
The GuVna
Posted 02:22pm 07/6/11
oh haha thats cool trog np's, I think you guys are a 'little' busy with a certain entertainment expo that's happening at the moment to worry about that :)

i still think an I deserve an achievement for braking the forums ages ago with a typo in my signature code hehe :)

But yea Fixah I don't know how the whole legal character IP using system works, I think Sony must have some influence on the decision, or sign some deal or whatever. As Xbox users didn't get a Kratos Counter part for their Mortal Kombat 9.

Though I do recall Soul Caliber did Zelda's Link for the 1 port, & Spawn for the playstation, so hopefully that means Sony don't have exlusive rights to do it.
Posted 03:15pm 07/6/11
Really? Then they might as well include Alex Mercer from the Prototype series.

infamous is ps3 exclusive so that's why cole will be available and not someone like the prototype dude since hes on all platforms.
Posted 04:36pm 07/6/11
I actually thought Ono was telling a joke, when he said they had Cole from Infamous, like he was making fun of Mortal Kombat having Kratos or something. Unfortunately, it wasn't a joke. I really hate these character crossover, cross-promotion gimmicks that keep cropping up in games lately.
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