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Post by trog @ 01:33pm 07/06/11 | 14 Comments
When Dust 514 was announced way back at GDC 2009, it sounded awesome - a first person MMO shooter set in the EVE universe that would actually effect the EVE Online universe.

Part of the Sony press conference included the ever-so-casual mention that this title is now a PlayStation 3 exclusive. A post on the official PlayStation blog by CCP Community Manager James Egan reveals a lot more about this title and how it will work:
Your actions have significance. We think that’s a compelling approach to a game, and something that’s currently lacking in the industry. But impact on what? The EVE universe is made up of thousands of solar systems, each with a number of planets within those systems. Those same planets seen in EVE Online, where the MMO players create various planetary structures and colonies, are the potential battlegrounds of DUST 514.

Your fights impact the entire EVE setting, comprised of both DUST 514 mercenaries and EVE Online starship pilots, known as “capsuleers“. When you capture or destroy planetary structures, you are asserting dominance over regions of that planet – perhaps eventually the planet itself. As you profit while wiping out your opposition in DUST 514, the outcomes of these conflicts can affect territorial control of vast regions of space in EVE Online, something of great importance to EVE’s starship pilots.
The blog post goes into more details so is definitely worth a read.

Well, I guess this is good news if you're an EVE Online player that also owns a PlayStation 3, but it seems unfortunately for PC gamers that were looking for a cool new touch to the many, many hours they've invested into their EVE experience.

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Posted 01:43pm 07/6/11
That blows goats.
Posted 01:46pm 07/6/11
I am soooooo disappointed by this, and I'm not even an EVE player.

I think this sort of convergence is absolutely awesome, bringing together a gaming universe in a truly unique and interesting way. Making the FPS part of the game happen on a console just seems to be artificially limiting how awesome it can ever really be.

The idea of being able to do some regular EVE playing, maybe organise a big drop raid on a planet or starbase or something, then drop into the FPS component to actually execute it all in one smooth motion stopping only to maybe load the game in a new engine or whatever - it sounded seamless and exciting and offering this great new level of depth to PC gaming. Oh well.
Posted 01:46pm 07/6/11
Such an incredibly sad thing that this game is going to be a console only game. It's totally f***ed up and I can't voice my disapointement loudly enough. This of course isn't new news about it being for consoles but I had held out some hope that perhaps they'd come to the their senses.

Kind of leaves me thinking f*** consoles and f*** console players.
Posted 01:49pm 07/6/11
Why are you surprised? It was always going to be a console-only game, they've made no secret of this.
Posted 01:58pm 07/6/11
Aren't we, the PC player suppose to control and inform them anyway?
Posted 03:04pm 07/6/11
Clicked vid eager to see what it looked like now... then read PS3 exclusive, right click... stop download.
Posted 03:14pm 07/6/11
can't help but snicker at the tears
Posted 03:19pm 07/6/11
I'll be using this to own the gamepad plebs.
Posted 03:29pm 07/6/11
Yeah, its no real skin off my nose, cos I wasn't very interested in it in the past, and it didn't look like anything special in that trailer so I'm still not really interested in it, but it will be fun watching the fanboy rage. While I was watching the gametrailers stream, they had like live updates from twitter and facebook and stuff scrolling up the right hand side, and there was already so many xbox vs ps3 fanboy fights breaking out. Throw PC fanboys into the mix and it all gets exponentially more entertaining.
Posted 04:25pm 07/6/11
Why are you surprised? It was always going to be a console-only game, they've made no secret of this.
Who's surprised? I'm just disappoint. If ever there was a game that would be natural tie-in to a brand on PC I think it was this one!
Posted 04:31pm 07/6/11
I'm not arguing that it'd be better on PC, but I just got the impression people here were surprised that it's only on console. I could have misread, I'm not a rocket surgeon.
Posted 04:34pm 07/6/11
I actually didn't know it was planned as a console game, I just assumed it would be a PC game since Eve was a PC game. I love the idea of people making multiple games, set in the same game world, that interact with each other, and I'm honestly suprised more people aren't doing it because its such an awesome idea. Its just that in this case, its an MMO I don't really find very interesting, interacting with an FPS that I don't really find very interesting, so while I love the concept and give them props where props are due for that, the game just does nothing for me :(
Posted 05:03pm 07/6/11
It's possible CCP are trying to gather a new audience with DUST514 on the PS3 as releasing it for the PC crowd is preaching to the choir.
I'm disappointed at the exclusive release on PS3, if anything a release also on the Xbox360 would increase the potential audience. I've read a couple of reasons as to why CCP backed away from Microsoft, ie. MS wanted a "on rails" shooter and joining DUST514 and Eve Online was not supported by MS. No concrete evidence for either of those I can lay my hands on.
DUST514 was always going to be console only, initially it was demonstrated on an Xbox360!
The Sony exclusive has thrown people, especially after the recent issues with the PSN.

What concerns me is the approx 1 year until the full game is released and it will enter the already very crowded FPS market as a relative unknown.
Posted 06:39pm 07/6/11
"EVE universe that would actually effect the EVE Online universe."

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