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Post by trog @ 01:14pm 07/06/11 | 5 Comments
Sony's new NGP portable gaming console finally has a name: PlayStation Vita. Fresh from the E3 press release:
PS Vita incorporates a beautiful 5-inch multi-touch organic light emitting diode (OLED) as the front display and a unique multi-touch pad on the rear. Together with the front touchscreen and the rear touch pad, PS Vita offers new gameplay possibilities, allowing users to interact directly with games in three dimension-like motion, through "touch, grab, trace, push and pull" finger motions. In addition, PS Vita features dual analog sticks which enable a wider range of game genres to be brought into the portable experience.
For those that just want the feature list, here you go:
Multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting diode (OLED) front display
• Multi-touch pad on the rear of the device
• Dual analog sticks
• Front and rear facing cameras
• A new game medium, a small flash memory based card, dedicated for PS Vita software titles
• Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass.
• Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity
• PlayStation®Network access, including “LiveArea™” (a space for sharing with others), “near” (lets users identify what friends in the vicinity are or were recently playing), “Party” (enables users to enjoy voice chat or text chat not only during online gaming, but also when they are playing different games or using different applications such as the internet browser), and “Activity” (it logs the latest accomplishments from people playing the same games)
• Full PlayStation® Trophy Support
• Able to play PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) titles, minis and video from PlayStation®Store
So far the only known game titles are Uncharted Golden Abyss, LittleBigPlanet and a game with the working title of Ruin.

Interestingly no mention of 3D at all - despite a press conference that was very big on the 3D - so they seem content to let Nintendo have keep all the 3D handheld cookies for now. You can check out a bunch of photos of the device in the official PR.

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Posted 01:24pm 07/6/11
Dear Sony,

Haven't we been over this? You can't polish a turd - let this idea die already!


The entire gaming community.
Posted 01:31pm 07/6/11
Multi-touch pad on the rear of the device

Oh I can already see the sex games taking use of this. Pooper action. I know this is a new system but couldn't we have a feature were we can hook up our old PSPs and transfer over games that are in the UMD slot? I don't want to have to rebuy a library of 15 games. Also no mention of inbuilt storage so either the rumor that it was there at all was wrong, or the rumor of them cutting it out to lower price was right.

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Posted 01:41am 15/6/11
I was advised early this week that the ps vita will be cloud based, so all games will be stored on cloud?(honestly it won't be any good by the sounds, it will turn out like the psp good for a year then that's all) Not to sure how true this is tho.
Posted 05:22am 15/6/11
Dear Sony,Haven't we been over this? You can't polish a turd - let this idea die already!Sincerely,The entire gaming community.

PSP's have outsold any console. They were also profitable from early in their production. The only thing PSP's didn't beat, were the DS.

Stop being bitter.
Posted 09:16am 15/6/11
I'm selling my 3ds that I bought on launch because I found that I actually don't have any real down time where I would enjoy playing with a handheld. Unless this can thing can make phone calls, I've got my desire hd
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