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Post by nachosjustice @ 08:51am 07/06/11 | 17 Comments
The original Far Cry was set on a beautiful island turned bad, the sequel took the series to less lush settings and now Far Cry 3 is going full circle, putting you back on a beautiful but deadly island. After you’ve watched the trailer below be sure to check out our preview and developer interview.

e3 2011far cry 3
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:15am 07/6/11
That was pretty good!

Few things were a bit sus in the gameplay - looks like the AI wasn't particularly engaging during battles. The guy hid behind a plywood board and still didn't manage to get shot. It all looked a bit scripted.

The knife kill sequences were great though. Seems like they've spent a bit of time on those.
Posted 09:23am 07/6/11
imo the setting of farcry2 was fine... you had jungles or deserts or whatever... it was the gameplay that sucked, the constantly driving yur jeep from one encounter to the next with a couple of check points in between that regenerate as soon as you drive out of sight. as long as farcry3 doesn't have that & the player character doesn't have f**n malaria it could be good ;)
Posted 09:24am 07/6/11
But malaria was the greatest part of the game... right? :P
Posted 09:25am 07/6/11
agree with demon. although after watching that i'm thinking of getting my Far Cry 2 out for another run. awesome vid.
Posted 09:35am 07/6/11
Looks freeking fantastic... way better then rage or whatever ID is passing through it's bowls atm
Posted 09:41am 07/6/11
^^ er, have you seen the recent Rage trailer?
A lot things can be argued about it but the graphics are not one of em.
Posted 09:48am 07/6/11
Loosk damnnnnn good.
Posted 10:00am 07/6/11
farcry 2 was terrible, hopefully this will be better.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:05am 07/6/11
Looks nice and lush. I'd love to see a sniper game come out looking like that where you make your way around a huge map taking out people.
Posted 10:06am 07/6/11
Looks f*****g awesome.
Posted 01:17pm 07/6/11
is there a HD version of that? gets a bit chunky with all the fast movement
Posted 01:27pm 07/6/11
Ok that was pretty good looking. The chat with the crazy guy in the red wife beater was pretty well lip synched. I'd be happy to buy this provided the super bionic vision of the snipers isn't there. being shot from 2km away while you are behind a bush and some trees isn't fun. I like that you can stealth kill combo. Like take the knife of the guy you are killing, and throw it into someone else. that s*** is awesome.
Posted 01:48pm 07/6/11
I like! that crazy dude at the start should be protagonist!
Posted 02:10pm 07/6/11
HD version:

Posted 09:51pm 07/6/11

Now, I'm actually pretty damn excited about this. Just bought Farcry 2 again a few weeks ago and been pretty obsessed with it, and all of it's faults, all over again.

Few gripes with this though already. The 'action button' always seems to be in the middle of the action you're supposed to be focusing your attention on while pressing the button, the +10 thing every time you kill an npc seems to ruin the immersion a fair bit, the red reticles that appear to let you know there is someone shooting at you and their direction is retarded, dumbed down and once again, another immersion breaker.

I know it's a year/year and a half away from release but that whole scene looks massively scripted. Such as the timing of the knife throw. I'm laying bets down that there was no control in that and that only happened at that particular time/mission. In free missions I'm willing to bet you can't do that.

Which brings me to my other point, FarCry 1 was not free. You had to follow a certain path to reach a certain destination, this to me, at this early stage is looking like the same.

In the chopper the antagonist pulls out a colt .45 when he had an AK and a silent makarov-esque pistol. This rings of FarCry 2 where sometimes, depending on the action that needed to happen, you would magically conjour up a different weapon, just to suit the purpose and then magically piss it off again.

One other thing that can be taken from this, is the fact that in Midda's video, you hear the guy talking about the back story. He says the distinct words "Everyone on the island is insane." So, a fps cover-based shooter, supposedly on a mass scale, that now sounds like there will be no friendly AI to speak of.

I sense that I will be disappoint.
Posted 09:58pm 07/6/11
Buuuuuuuuut, with all that said. The 'Voss' character did give me chills and was extremely well acted/modeled. The scenery looked like sex ... sex that I was having/enjoying. The water effects looked awesome, the gun models look great and the fact they've given the protagonist a voice? Brilliant.

Story may seem a bit wishy washy but hell, I'll be buying this anyway. FarCry 2 might've not been the best game out there, but hell, it was something different.

That's exactly what I thought they were sort of doing by showing that seen with Voss; having a dig a MW for making the same game, over and over and over and over again...
Posted 09:58pm 07/6/11
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