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Post by darkjedi @ 08:39am 07/06/11 | 17 Comments
It comes as no surprise with E3 arriving, that Bioware & Lucasarts would dish up another spectacular Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic trailer for the game, this one titled "Return".
Protected by the legendary Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic stood as a bastion of peace in the galaxy for a thousand generations. Several centuries ago, the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known emerged in the form of the dark Sith Empire. After a volatile war, the Republic emerged victorious and the Sith were assumed to be extinct. Nonetheless, the Jedi have maintained a constant vigil over the ancient Sith homeworld, to protect the galaxy from the darkness that still resides in the planet’s tombs.
You can download the trailer now locally from AusGamers to watch it in its full glory - the streaming version is below (HD coming soon)! promoted/edited forum item

star wars: the old republice3 2011trailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 08:43am 07/6/11
ugh. Lucasart's embed code is seriously screwy...

Trailer is here:
Posted 08:53am 07/6/11
we'll have ours on line soon in a few mins so I'll update your post once it is - thanks!
Posted 09:01am 07/6/11
That was f*****g epic. Now why can't they make Star Wars movies that good?
Posted 09:08am 07/6/11
Haha, my thoughts exactly Khel.
Posted 09:33am 07/6/11
Cheers trog. No idea why it broke, I blame Lucas.

I really doubt turning these things into feature films would work out well. It's easy to throw concentrated awesome into 3 minutes, but take that and make a film out of it? A lot harder. It'd be awesome though.
Posted 09:36am 07/6/11
lulz, so easy to hook you darkjedi.
Posted 09:49am 07/6/11
Still gonna be terrible.
Posted 09:51am 07/6/11
Yeah well, I might actually play the game first Eorl before I decide if it fails.
Posted 10:28am 07/6/11
^ Try something before you can have a 'view' as to its quality
Posted 04:46pm 07/6/11
Was a pretty fancy trailer, the "oh no the sith empire has returned" moment was a bit weak imo. :P
Posted 09:35pm 07/6/11
Awesome video, but it doesn't give me any hope for the game.
Posted 09:37pm 07/6/11
Yea same Midda, at the end of it I was thinking maybe Star Wars should just stay in the cinema.
Posted 10:06pm 07/6/11
^ Try something before you can have a 'view' as to its quality

So I'm suppose to put down my own money to have a opinion on the quality? I thought thats what gameplay trailers are suppose to be, a taste of what is to come? I've seen gameplay, I watched a 3 hour demo, it's not my thing, and it looks terrible in my opinion.
Posted 10:25pm 07/6/11
Fark! Awesome cinematic!
Posted 10:56pm 07/6/11
F*** the game, just give us more of these!
Posted 06:14pm 09/6/11
Posted 07:54pm 09/6/11
love it.

Need more sw movies like that
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