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Post by trog @ 08:06am 07/06/11 | 21 Comments
The first glimpse of multiplayer in Battlefield 3 is now available, showing off a stack of small clips of action above and below the streets of Paris, including a nice distance shot of the Eiffel Tower as well as action in the Metro system. Sacrebleu!

One of the press releases mentions that the "popular Battlefield multiplayer mode ‘Rush’ is also back and will be playable on PC in the EA booth" - so no doubt Dan and Steve will get a first hand taste to report back soon.

Check it out below or watch in HD glory.

Update: You'll probably also want to check out the tank battle trailer. Phwoar.

battlefield 3e3 2011
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Latest Comments
Posted 08:07am 07/6/11
WOOOP Der it is!
Posted 08:10am 07/6/11
Clicking on HD link and not getting HD :(
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:11am 07/6/11
Looked awesome although I wonder how that's gonna play over the net with all that s*** going on.
Posted 08:36am 07/6/11
really looking forward to this, I like how the colour pallet consists of more then just different shades of brown.
Posted 08:42am 07/6/11
See the knife kill haha?
Posted 08:56am 07/6/11
I wee'd a little...
Posted 09:01am 07/6/11
I now fully support the NBN.
Posted 09:08am 07/6/11
OMG!!!!!!!! X 1000
Posted 09:13am 07/6/11
That makes my stomach feel all gooey. I think i'm in love.
Posted 09:22am 07/6/11
Looked awesome although I wonder how that's gonna play over the net with all that s*** going on.

I'd imagine a lot of it happens client-side, so it shouldn't impact performance over the net
Posted 09:49am 07/6/11
Health bars are back baby.
Posted 09:59am 07/6/11
For some reason..this game just doesn't excite me :/

BC2 with more explosions!

last edited by Python at 09:59:38 07/Jun/11
Posted 10:21am 07/6/11
Posted 10:53am 07/6/11
Yeah, that's what it looked like to me too Python. Considering I didn't like BC2 this isn't a good thing.
Posted 02:55pm 07/6/11
saw bf3 and jizzed in my pants!
Posted 03:24pm 07/6/11
so if you win the match do you get tp parade under the arch of triumph?
Posted 03:37pm 07/6/11
it's arc de triomphe. if you were trying to translate it to english, you're still wrong.
Posted 03:57pm 07/6/11
Posted 04:56pm 07/6/11
goodbye COD
Posted 07:04pm 07/6/11

that looks f***** squirt-worthy

Posted 08:36pm 07/6/11
That tank battle is f*****g epic.
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