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Post by Selcinorhc @ 06:27pm 04/06/11 | 19 Comments
The PSN 'Welcome Back' service is now available. While it's not yet listed on the Australian PSN site, I'm currently downloading my free copy of Dead Nation & InFamous.

In addition to 30 days of Playstation Plus (or 60 days if you're a current subscriber), you can pick 2 of the following for each platform. For the PlayStation 3, you can choose from Dead Nation, InFamous, Wipeout HD + Fury, Little Big Planet, and Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty.

Or, for the PSP you can choose between Little Big Planet, ModNation Racers, Pursuit Force, and Killzone Liberation.

What games will you guys be getting? promoted forum item.

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Posted 06:40pm 04/6/11
Only one on that list that seems interesting to me is InFamous. Alas I no longer have my PS3 though. As for PSP the only good game/series (besides breath of fire 3) to be released, wasn't released outside of korean so nothing i'd want there.
Posted 06:51pm 04/6/11
All of them except LBP. I love having multiple PSN accounts (although wish I'd created a Japanese one when I originally planned to!)
Posted 07:20pm 04/6/11
You'll probably encounter some errors when navigating the PSN store - it's just a matter of try & try again until it works, it'll be getting pretty hammered at the moment.
Posted 07:56pm 04/6/11
dead nation and lbp for me =)

infamous looked like it could be buggy as and really annoying camera
Posted 08:31am 05/6/11
Infamous & Wipeout since I already own Dead Nation & LBP2

I've also been getting free games from the coke bottle compitition. God of War 1&2
Posted 08:34am 05/6/11
Already have Dead Nation + LBP.
Wipeout looks like it hasn't changed in nearly ?10 years and I have Motorstorm Apocalypse for my action racing
So I grabbed Grabbed Ratchet and Clank + Infamous.
D/L'd and tested both as working fine, it's a pain if you start downloading one and leave the store, to claim your second game you need to go to:

Network -> Download Management -> Services List.

Took forever to work that out!
Posted 08:41am 05/6/11
Is there anyway to redeem them via their website on PC? I don't have a PS3 but I have an account along with about 4 other games I got via a coke promotion. So when I eventually get a PS3 I'm gonna be set.
Posted 09:02am 05/6/11
dead nations and infamous for me

really considered wipeout, but as similarly someone said above i have gt5 for racing
Posted 09:14am 05/6/11
i have gt5 for racing

lolz, sux2bu
Posted 10:30am 05/6/11
Dead Nation is fun - plays a bit like Alien Swarm with zombies. Between it & InFamous I had to delete most of my game data to get them installed. Yay for the original tiny HDD PS3.
Posted 10:58am 05/6/11
Is there anyway to redeem them via their website on PC? I don't have a PS3 but I have an account along with about 4 other games I got via a coke promotion. So when I eventually get a PS3 I'm gonna be set.

Nah, don't think so. You may be able to use one of the PS3s at work?
Posted 03:50pm 05/6/11
The copy of InFamous you get through this also has the pre-order bonus power, Gigawatt Blades.
Posted 04:28pm 05/6/11
im not sure which im gonna go for, definately want lbp as i've never really played but cant decide between dead nation or infamous... :/
Posted 04:47pm 05/6/11
infamous + ratchet and clank

haven't played infamous yet but it looks like a bit of alright
Posted 05:21pm 05/6/11
infamous was a bit of a sleeper hit for me.

Plot is quite similar to Prototype, but I really dug the way Infamous works. (maybe this is a clever plug for Infamous 2)

Also, Wipeout HD is great (warning: a bit of a fanboi of the franchise), the visuals are CRISP and the game runs at a solid 60FPS (even in 3D) it isn't for everyone but it doesn't have the 'learning cliff' (coz it's not a learning curve) that the original did.

for me it'll be Infamous (because I borrowed the original from a mate finished it as a 'good guy' and returned it... now I'll replay as a bad guy) and Ratchet and Clank I think

Unless someone can vouch for Dead Nation?
Posted 05:40pm 05/6/11
Slightly off topic.
The Coke Bottle Competition games are not censored. I had sex in God Of WarHD, twice. Which I'm fairly sure didnt happen on ps2. Also some of the Coke Competition games are the same as the Free Sony Games.... *nudge nudge, wink wink.

totes vouch for Dead Nation. Especially if you're over FPS & love co-op.
Posted 08:50pm 05/6/11
Dead Nation co-op kept giving me "You Got Disconnected" issues, anybody else experience this? Not sure if it's due to PSN being hammered or not. Jumped on since I figured more people would now have it after the free games.

My PS3 is Cate5e to router on Cable, doubted it was my net unless router was causing port forwarding type dramas?
Posted 12:31am 06/6/11
The Coke Bottle Competition games are not censored.

Was filthy I missed out on a copy of GoW HD from this promo, although $4 or so for the first 2 games in HD is a bit hard to pass by.
Posted 07:59am 06/6/11
The copy of InFamous you get through this also has the pre-order bonus power, Gigawatt Blades.

that power is f*****g rad it was one of the first ones i got because it looked sick

lolz, sux2bu

shouldn't you be back playing all the rad games on the wi...... oh wait there are none lols
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