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Post by Trauma @ 04:22pm 03/06/11 | 12 Comments
The first trailer from the upcoming rebooted Tomb Raider game has been released:
TOMB RAIDER® delivers an intense and gritty story of the origins of Lara Croft and her ascent from frightened young woman to hardened survivor, armed with only raw instincts and the physical ability to push beyond the limits of human endurance.
You'll have to check it out on the below (or here for HD) and you can find more pictures of sexy, sexy Lara Croft on the game page. promoted/edited forum item

tomb raiderlara crofte3 2011
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Latest Comments
Posted 04:27pm 03/6/11
Awesome lighting and character model. A++
Posted 04:41pm 03/6/11
Pretty rad. Kinda looks like my ex-missus now, but with larger tits and smaller waist =P

Go on, make your jokes! Mwuhahaha
Posted 04:43pm 03/6/11
Nice trailer, but I don't like it when they release these cinematic trailers before game trailers. I'm more far more interested in seeing what the game is going to be.
Posted 04:51pm 03/6/11
Yeah all the cinematic trailers these days look fkn awesome and then the game play lacks, need game play trailers not cinematic. But damn the graphics look good in em.
Posted 04:52pm 03/6/11
FTR, promoted, but not achievemented - I just made the snap rule that if you just post youtube videos with no text it is not achievement-worthy, even if it is newsworthy!!@#
Posted 05:59pm 03/6/11
fall 2012. still a long wait.

looks good. wouldn't surprise me if they've mimicked uncharted.
Posted 06:28pm 03/6/11
Yeah, but that certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. Uncharted is awesome.
Posted 07:01pm 03/6/11
the actual screenshots of the game look pretty close to the trailer imo. There were some scans floating round a few weeks ago.
Posted 10:40pm 03/6/11
I think that the studio that did the clip is the same one that did the awesome Deus Ex: Human Revolution one. Truth be told it half sold me on the game alone, even though now the brief gameplay I've seen hasn't impressed me. :P
Posted 10:57pm 03/6/11
I thought i was watching a wet t-shirt competition where Lara was the only contestant (who won flawlessly).
Posted 11:38pm 03/6/11
Wow, its about time Lara matured. A really awesome step in the right direction. Looking forward to this!
Posted 05:48pm 04/6/11
cinematic looks awesome, but as i watched that i just thought

"previously on lost"... cause seriously, going to location, storm / failure, land on beach on random island, s*** happens.

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