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Post by trog @ 05:07pm 02/06/11 | 14 Comments
Seems we missed this when it first came out a while back, but an anonymous user reminded us about this 20 minute clip purportedly from the anticipated zombie horror game, Dead Island. The footage shows off a stack of first person zombie slaying, featuring classics such as death-by-stick-with-nails, mowing down walkers, and machete decap and exploding knife, all in a pretty lush Far Cry-esque tropical island environment.

Watch below or in sweet hi def.

Dead Island is due "later this year" 2011 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

dead islandwalkthrough
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:37pm 02/6/11
I saw a dead body being kicked and bashed with a bat... BANNED

Great looking game though.
Posted 05:48pm 02/6/11
this game looks good! im looking forward to this one!
Posted 05:55pm 02/6/11
This looks really fun so i'm really looking forward to getting my new PC into this. However if we fail to pass an R18 rating somehow I get the feeling it'll be banned.
Posted 05:57pm 02/6/11
God dammit, why so many good games coming out this year/early next year!?
Reverend Evil
Posted 06:58pm 02/6/11
If LFD2 had to tone down the blood then there's no way in hell this game is coming thru. Which will suck because it looks like fun.
Posted 06:11pm 02/6/11
Only thing that looks like utter balls on toast is the kick. Jesus christ what a horrid looking animation. Suddenly this tan thing with a shoe on the end of it appears in front of you. Better fix that.
Posted 06:45pm 02/6/11
yea theres alot of blood and decapitation i doubt this will be allowed in aus but if not theres always other ways :D and also on the gun the magazine never actually leaves the gun when they reload still alot of work to be done i guess!!
Posted 07:39pm 02/6/11
Posted 08:23pm 02/6/11
Wasn't Left 4 Dead 2 censored because Valve called the enemies 'infected'? If so, as long as these guys call them zombies, it should (hopefully) be fine.
Posted 10:06pm 02/6/11
Posted 10:09pm 02/6/11
saw this vid a couple weeks back with dev commentary. doesn't look all that good imo.
Posted 08:01am 03/6/11
^ this, i thought i had seen it before. I don't really like zombie games but this looks pretty cool
Posted 02:52pm 03/6/11
laughed at the achievements popping up, one for sprinting near the start. I hate achievements
Posted 04:08pm 03/6/11
Great c*** punt at 7:32. Banned.
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