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Post by Dan @ 12:53pm 31/05/11 | 24 Comments
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the other big long-rumoured Call of Duty announcement has now been revealed to them as Call of Duty: Elite, described as a online service with social networking and stat-tracking elements that will have free-of charge-features as well as a subscription-based component.
In a move industry executives describe as a first, Activision plans to charge a monthly subscription fee for the service, which will provide extra content that isn't offered on game discs sold in stores, including downloadable map packs that give players new "Call of Duty" levels to play.

Activision executives said they haven't yet figured out how much to charge for the service, but they expect the cost to be less than fees for comparable online-entertainment services, such as a $7.99-a-month Netflix Inc. movie subscription. Portions of the service will be free, including features inspired by Facebook Inc. that will let "Call of Duty" players meet for online gun battles with others who share various affiliations and interests.

Another feature of the service will give "Call of Duty" players tools, modeled on those from stock-trading websites, to analyze their performance within the game, gauging factors such as which weapons have been most successful for them in killing enemies.
While this doesn't paint a very clear picture about everything the service will be -- it's very vague as to what the benefits of paying a subscription would actually be and nothing they've described there seems to be much more than what we've already seen with HALO and -- we're sure there's much more to it if they think people will pay for it, so we expect more specifics direct from Activision shortly.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:59pm 31/5/11
This can't be a good direction :S
Posted 01:02pm 31/5/11
Subscription based DLC fail, I wonder if they take away all your paid DLC if you unsubscribe.

I don't like where this is heading.
Posted 01:07pm 31/5/11
Oh hahahahaha, thank god the death of COD is coming swiftly.
Posted 01:07pm 31/5/11
pretty sure if i was retarded enough to pay monthly to play a game i'd be playing wow

no thanks
Posted 01:18pm 31/5/11
As if releasing yearly COD titles wasn't enough now they want your paid subscriptions so you can track how many bullets you've fired.

Posted 01:18pm 31/5/11
wtf... money hungry f****
Posted 01:22pm 31/5/11
This is retarded, steam and counter-strike source already provided these kinds of analytic stats - for free.
Posted 01:26pm 31/5/11

eg. a 2 axis chart that display stats
Posted 01:28pm 31/5/11
Posted 02:34pm 31/5/11
D^ so true...

Sounds like corporate gaming or some shizzle
Posted 03:27pm 31/5/11
Best reddit comment about this was "CoD already costs £40 a year"
Posted 03:39pm 31/5/11
An inevitable thing since we all know activision are such money hungry f****. I doubt it will include anything good, just s*** they stripped out of previous games you now have to pay fore.
Posted 03:48pm 31/5/11
How will this fit in with the mod tools?
I hope this is the death of COD.
Posted 09:12pm 31/5/11

Trying to keep this video alive haha. Activision keeps taking em down.
Posted 04:20pm 31/5/11
BF3 here I come!!
Posted 04:27pm 31/5/11
fourzerotwo tweeted this earlier ...

COD ELITE is free, for all players, some paid aspects TBD. Absolutely NO fee to play #MW3 multiplayer. Detailed reveal coming tomorrow AM.
Posted 04:31pm 31/5/11
what the f***
Posted 04:46pm 31/5/11
no way i would pay to play a fps game. hope this fails hard.
Posted 05:01pm 31/5/11
Posted 05:02pm 31/5/11
Hahaha, Activision are so retarded. It's fun to hate them.

Call of Duty is a bit of a joke now anyway. Last one I really enjoyed was CoD4.
Posted 05:22pm 31/5/11
dumb f**** will pay this. Especially the console noobs who think halo was the first fps ever!
Posted 07:11pm 31/5/11
Another nail in the coffin for cod, about time too.
Battlefield 3 cant come soon enough.
Posted 07:25pm 31/5/11
so cod piece elite is pretty much steam community, with a few fancy graphs which I think (don't have it installed) xfire might also provide (for free)?
Posted 07:37pm 31/5/11
Counter Strike is still going strong and is just a one off payment, with mods and maps for free.

Counter strike, a bare bones ‘red vs blue’ concept is still a better game without the unlocks, leveling, perks and what not. Supported by modders and developers. Stats a kept for free.

Despite its age and graphics and simplistic gameplay, Counter Strike is simply a superior game.
The multiplayer in COD have been mostly uninspired, ordinary and just standard really. Its nothing new and I dont get what is so great about the multiplayer. The singleplayer is why I play the games in the series. ( Feel free to challenge me on this one) DM, TDM, CTF, S&D WOW. Unreal Tournament has been offering these modes for years. Since 1999.
Im done with COD. Before I finish, I will say this, the only good COD and the best COD is and will always be Call of Duty 1 and its expansion United Offensive.
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