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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:22am 28/05/11 | 23 Comments
AusGamers was recently invited out to Santa Monica for a pre-E3 preview of Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

There's much talk in the gaming world about this series and developer Infinity Ward, but with the help of the more-than-competent Sledgehammer Games, we walked away from the event confident that IW could not only deliver the same quality as their previous two entries, but top them. Yes you've seen much of what this series is about before, but they've dialled everything up to 11 here, and come this Holiday season, the team will no doubt have another blockbuster on their hands.

Click here for our full preview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:51am 28/5/11
Im not convinced with this, iv clearly had enough of cod games to last a century.
Posted 07:01am 28/5/11
Just get whatever one you enjoy more. Also SP sucks unless Valve made it. Got about 10mins into the MW2 campaign before I realised it was boooooooooooring foghornfoghorn uninstall.

I played have clocked roughly 100 hours of bad company 2 on ps3/pc whereas between cod4,cod6,cod7 I have played about 50. Despite the retarded movement and controls (no strafe+sprint etc etc) I prefer bf.
Posted 08:59am 28/5/11
It's hard to not compare at the moment. But until they release some vids, my money is on bf3 being the game to back.

I can't see them doing anything radical to change the formula of the last couple years, so I expect it to be more of the same we've had from MW2 and BO's.
Posted 10:24am 28/5/11
Steve that just sounded like some seriously hardcore brown nosing for COD....
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:45am 28/5/11
Tetsuo, it was just a nod to the game being what you'd expect it to be; fun, over-the-top craziness. Its a the best moments of the last two games rolled into one and amplified. I've always liked Modern Warfare, liking something is nit the same as brown-nosing
Posted 11:34am 28/5/11
The gameplay trailer looks badass. I'm over CoD multiplayer (Nazi Zombies notwithstanding), but I've enjoyed the s*** out of single-player since CoD4.
Posted 12:27pm 28/5/11
COD is the Hollywood of FPS's. And I wouldn't have it any other way. BF is the series that will shake the grounds, and change up the formula. COD is the series that will stick to what it knows, and try and make things fun and with crap exploding everywhere. COD is never going to dip to far out of it's waters, that would be a huge risk and with a failure they could loose a crap load of money.

Yeah sure, Activision are milking every last drop in COD, and especially with the only ground breaking thing being a constant 60FPS, which I doubt, there is nothing really new. From the leaks, everything just looks re-skinned or rehashed. But, it still looks fun, and I'll probably acquire the SP for some fun, but ignore the MP at large, as they haven't really struck out with MP since MW1. I can see the modes only being TDM, DM, CTF, DOM, SND, HQ and Sabotage.
Posted 12:33pm 28/5/11
we walked away from the event confident that IW could not only deliver the same quality as their previous two entries, but top them.

It's not hard to top bad or so I thought after Black Ops came out.
Posted 01:40pm 28/5/11
I've always thought Modern Warfare 2 was the greatest single player action-packed game sine Halflife 2. It had just the right balance between epic cinematics and involved game play. Black Ops was possibly the s***test fps single player game I've played in the last 5 years, appalling story, too many cutscenes, no sense of actually being the person you are playing. In fact the graphics were actually worse in some areas.

If this can continue on from Modern Warfare 2 without the characteristics of the s*** stain that is Black Ops, I think the SP will be awesome, albeit nothing new. In terms of multiplayer it is going to have to compare to BF3 so have any chance of being acceptable in 2011. It appears PC players are over Black Ops already, I couldn't find more than 2 populated servers on a bloody Friday night.
Posted 01:52pm 28/5/11
MW2 was utterly terrible, and you are terrible for thinking otherwise.

COD4 was awesome, mw2 just tried too hard, had terrible gameplay, poor design and tried too many gimmicks.
Posted 01:56pm 28/5/11
Looks like a POS
Posted 02:58pm 28/5/11
i get how people like to compare cod and bf... but i don't see why... they aren't trying to be the same thing. CoD is a faster paced DM style fps like CS whereas the BF series is a more objective / realistic based fps.. basically and ungay version of ARMA.

Both have their pros and cons, tbh i think cod has been going downhill since mw2, CoD 4 was really epic and should have stopped there. But since i got my new machine i've been playing a lot more of BF then black ops simply because it's just a more polished game. Also CoD1 > all other cods, 2nd best fps behind CS before all the f***wits started playing.
Gary Chan
Posted 06:26pm 28/5/11
Not discrediting the auther or AusGamers in anyway ways at all. But I take anything said with a grain of salt. To get access to this preview this game, AusGamers would have had to have signed their souls away. Activision is not going to allow people to preview the game and have anything negative to say. It's all marketing. People may say I'm being to cynical, but its the way this industry works. Same goes for early reviews.

Sad thing is. Its articles like this that get the hits. So gaming journo's and sites have to sign such agreements. After all, they need all the traffic to the site they can get.

Its also possible I'm being harsh coz I don't share a lot of love for CoD these days. But just my 2 cents.
Posted 07:51pm 28/5/11
If it brings back the multilayer feel of Mw2 im in! FAST, FUN and FRANTIC
Posted 12:08am 29/5/11
Activision is not going to allow people to preview the game and have anything negative to say. It's all marketing. People may say I'm being to cynical, but its the way this industry works. Same goes for early reviews.
We've had this discussion a bunch of times, but the gist is that the majority of previews for big games from big publishers are almost always going to be positive. There's a bunch of contributing reasons for that, but the main one imo is not that press have "signed their souls away", but that the preview demo that the developers put together for the game is always going to be a section of play that really shows off the game's strengths.

The question that readers of any game preview article need to keep in mind is "Will the rest of the game maintain or exceed the standard of this section?" That's something that can't be answered by a reporter until they've spent enough time with the completed product, which obviously isn't possible at an event like this.

It's also an unfinished product, so any bugs that might be encountered along the way carry little weight, because at this stage of development, it's only fair to give the devs the benefit of that doubt that obvious things like that will be corrected by launch time.

So yes, you're right to remain cautious, but that doesn't mean a preview has no worth. There's still plenty of interesting info to be had for those that are keen to start forming an idea of what's in store. You might come across some doubt and skepticism in a preview from time to time, but realistically, don't ever expect an outright negative opinion, because calling fail on a game based on that kind of limited information would be a mistake.
Posted 12:19am 29/5/11
Calling it now.

Coming this fall: Modern Warfare 3 Map Pack 1
Contains Maps from previous iterations of Modern Warfare™
Cost: $20US

Coming this fall: Battlefield 3 DLC Pack
Contains New maps, new game modes, new weapons and hundreds of bug fixes and game balance adjustments
Cost: Free
Posted 02:54am 29/5/11
^ while I hope you are correct whoop. Pretty sure the BF3 announced DLC "back to karkand" is only free if you pre-order.

Similar to all EA games now. Stopping second hand copies. Like if you buy FIFA second hand you have to buy a new online account for 10 bucks or something. Same with Bad company 2.

last edited by ctd at 02:54:17 29/May/11
Posted 03:48am 29/5/11
So far, BF3 has this one stitched up for me. MW3 is failing to really impress me at all so far, but with BF3 my jaw was on the floor from the first minute I saw the first trailer. I guess theres still plenty of time before November still and things could change, but if I were Activision, I would be getting VERY worried about how good BF3 is looking.

i get how people like to compare cod and bf... but i don't see why... they aren't trying to be the same thing.

They are aiming at the same people though, the BF3 guys have openly admitted they want to compete with COD and steal some of those players away. While some people will probably get both, I think a lot of people are going to end up playing one or the other, so a comparison between the two is inevitable.
Posted 04:06am 29/5/11
That article was like one of those magical weight loss or magnetic mattress things you see on Current Affair; a pure advertisement with no journalistic merit whatsoever.
Posted 07:24pm 29/5/11

Posted 07:47pm 29/5/11
If MW3 will be banned in the UK for that train scene that i say ban any FPS game set in any arab/afghan/mulim country, especialy that POS MOH.

Wait, that's just about all of them.

Fuggin pussy motherland.
Posted 11:22pm 29/5/11
Where there helicopter flights invovled? :)
Posted 06:28am 30/5/11
How about in review, say that this is the same s*** as the last 20 cods?
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