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Post by trog @ 11:12pm 27/05/11 | 4 Comments
Electronic Arts have officially announced the release of FIFA 12, the next in their long-lived series of (real) football games. While the title was no doubt inevitable, it no doubt will be the most anticipated video gaming experience for fans of the biggest sport on the planet, and EA are by no means resting on their laurels when it comes to improving the game.

Footy fans can check out the details on our FIFA 12 game page, which has all the details as well as a slew of sweet screenshots.

As if that wasn't enough, a while back we managed to snag some time with the Aaron McHardy, the Gameplay Producer on FIFA 12, to sneakily ask some questions about this huge new title, and he was kind enough to answer all our questions about the major new features of the game and what else we can expect. Check out our interview as well as the brand new announcement trailer! Big thanks to fpot, one of our resident footy game experts, for his help on this one.

fifa 12electronic artsfifafootballinterview
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:33pm 27/5/11
Awesome. Fifa 11 was great, here's hoping 12's improvements are in the right direction
Crizane Tribal
Posted 11:52pm 27/5/11
Isn't announcing a FIFA/NBA/NFL instalment kinda... redundant?

Posted 12:08am 28/5/11
The first official trailer for Fifa 12 shows off the “impact engine,” a new physics system designed to render collisions and injuries with incredible accuracy, improving the realism of tackling, and making the game look more believable. Sadly it looks as though Fifa 12 will be lagging behind consoles yet again because, as Eurogamer report “the Impact Engine will only power the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.”

It took a long time for the PC version of previous Fifa games to finally get the upgraded engine first introduced on consoles

Posted 10:50am 28/5/11
I skipped FIFA 11, might jump on FIFA12. I'm making a habit of skipping EA titles every 2nd year otherwise i'll have lots of outdated EA games and a hole through my wallet.

EA sports titles = Annual Inta loss of replay value ++
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