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Post by trog @ 03:17pm 25/05/11 | 8 Comments
For the Linux nerds amongst us, the Fedora Project has released the 15th edition of their popular Linux distribution. The release notes are extensive and give a comprehensive list of the all the changes, but the main new features are as follows:
  • GNOME 3 including the new GNOME 3 shell
  • KDE 4.6 with the improved Plasma workspace, enhanced core applications, and greater memory efficiency.
  • XFCE 4.8 with a new panel, Thunar enhancements and more.
  • Virtualization improvements including Spice support in virt-manager and support for Xen hosts.
  • Better compression of live images allowing more applications to be provided on a CD.
  • System and session management via systemd, providing more consistent configuration and improved boot performance.
Check your ISPs mirrors for the downlods - we've got the DVD ISOs for both the i386 and x86_64 editions available as well if you want to download them from our super-fast local file servers!


Latest Comments
Posted 03:24pm 25/5/11
super-fast local file servers!


Posted 07:07pm 25/5/11
That's awesome speed. Mine never crosses the 2 MB/s mark.
Posted 07:37pm 25/5/11
strewth red, save some bandwidth for the rest of us!@#
Posted 11:17pm 25/5/11
500K/s *sadface*

It's either my connection or Red soaking up the CDN pipe I'm sure!
Posted 09:53am 26/5/11
Are you guys limited to 50mbps outgoing?
Posted 10:45am 26/5/11
Are you guys limited to 50mbps outgoing?
nah, 200mbit, but we're regularly using at least 100mbit of it in background traffic
Posted 11:12am 26/5/11
Red is the retriever/lab, the hose is the agCDN

data like water. nice. some data centres do ave 'em. esp webcentrals

Posted 11:20am 26/5/11
That's one of my favourite ever image macros. I'm honoured to be likened to it.
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