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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:57am 25/05/11 | 4 Comments
Reality has definitely set in since Gearbox Software took the Duke Nukem Forever reigns that we'd actually see the damn thing released, but it's still worth reporting that old Duke has finally Gone Gold.
In 2009, after many believed that Duke Nukem Forever would never be completed, a small team of intrepid developers, known as Triptych Studios, resurrected the dream. Through their inspiring and steadfast commitment to the game and their exemplary talent and skill, they finally assembled the pieces to create an incredible, epic and cohesive gameplay experience. Under the production of Gearbox Software, Triptych Studios, Piranha Games and many other contributors joined together in a heroic effort to complete the long awaited game as a polished, full-featured triple-A title.

So no more delays, no more empty promises, just a game 15 years in the making finally fulfilling its destiny. Will it be any good? We've looked at it here at AusGamers in two parts: single-player and multiplayer, with mixed results, and I'm constantly at odds with many of my peers (and on the same side of many others) when defending Duke in his current form. All I can say in my experience with the game thus far is it's a Duke Nukem title through and through. Take that as you will, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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Posted 07:52am 25/5/11
Holy s***. Never thought I'd live to see the day this game actually came out.

{edit} You forgot the image Steve!

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Posted 10:03am 25/5/11
Ah, that's why it's so cold, hell has frozen over.
Posted 10:23am 25/5/11
Full press release if anyone cares: http://www.ausgamers.com/pressreleases/read/3063427
Posted 10:35am 25/5/11
Now to wait 2 weeks or so for my balls of steel edition. I'm so looking forward to this
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