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Post by Eorl @ 11:50am 24/05/11 | 12 Comments
As everyone remembers, good old Hellgate London shut down a few years ago due to internal rifts and external rifts, which resulted in a large playerbase being sadly turned away from Hell. I have some good news! Hellgate is re-launching as a F2P model, and is being re-developed and handled by HanbitSoft. Currently closed beta is due to open in early June, and keys are being given out via many sources, but there is also a 50/50 chance of gaining entry when you check their main website.

For beta access, simply go to the official site and sign up for an account, and once that is done, ensure your signed into the website, and click the button "Do you have your key to enter the gates of Hell?" Once that's clicked, as said, you'll have a 50/50 chance of gaining entry into the beta. If you're unlucky, on their forums is a post about where to obtain a key! Better be quick, stocks are very limited.

Also of note, AusGamers seems to be listed as wanting to locally host beta files, so keep an eye on the main site for more info when the files are released! promoted/edited forum item

hellgate: londonclosed beta

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Posted 11:57am 24/5/11
I dunno about everyone else but I enjoyed hellgate. The only issue I had with it was the fact that every now and then my PC would slow to a crawl and i'd be getting a sweet 1 - 5 fps for a random length of time and then things would speed back up. Maybe I should install it again on my new pc and give it another whirl.

EDIT - Aww. I r sad. I went to my game shelf and picked up the box (yeah I bought it) and dvd isnt in there. Guess I can't play it.

last edited by DM at 11:57:49 24/May/11
Posted 11:57am 24/5/11
"Your courage has been noted. You are chosen to enter the Gates of Hell. See you at the rift of Hellgate." Did I win?
Posted 12:01pm 24/5/11
Yep, you did Pirroh!
Posted 12:02pm 24/5/11
Yeah I got that same message just then. Guess i'm in too.
Posted 01:08pm 24/5/11
I guess' that's me three.
Posted 01:14pm 24/5/11
I remember a friend telling me that he got less lag when he played online (but just by himself) instead of single player. Made no sense.

Glad I stayed away from that horrible game. Hope this one is better.
Posted 02:44pm 24/5/11
Hopefully so, looks really interesting, and apparently they're trying to really make it more Diablo style.
Posted 06:42pm 24/5/11
So are they actually adding new stuff? I had some fun with it, and if its f2p it'd be easy enough to get some mates along which'd be neat.

But I dunno if I feel like going through the same levels again...
Posted 07:02pm 24/5/11
CB only lasts 3 days.
Posted 10:31pm 24/5/11
Squeeeeeze... squeeeeeeeeze every last drop!
Posted 11:35pm 24/5/11
Got my key :D

Never played the first one though. Hope its fun.
Posted 03:34am 25/5/11
I wonder if they changed any levels so they don't all looking the f*****g same

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